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I'm covering this in my Lost World Project also.

However since this is basically a Terrain Piece/Diorama thingie, I decided to make a separate WIP as well.

So those who are only interested in terrain and such will also see it.


It all started when @knarthex his daughter Alsnia posted a pic of her Pet Snake.

Then @Pezler the Polychromatic made up a background story See my WIP page 65




@malefactushas always inspired me with his great terrain and he also encouraged me...

And I have also read the great threads of @Chris Palmer who made fantastic jungle statues.


So I knew I had to do this.


I bought a Toy Anaconda and a Toy Python.

The Anaconda will become Tanith.

The Serpent Goddess will be repainted in albino colours like Alsnia's pet, but it will also be part stone.

She is in stasis in a statue and now Alsnia the Priestess ( Bones Sarah the Seer) has been chanting and summoning until Tanith sheds her stone skin and breaks out of the statue.


The Python will be a gold or bronze statuette on the back of the wall.

I'm planning to put torches and sacrifices/gifts on the altar.

There will be two pipes coming from the backwall and snakes will pour from those and will be crawling all over the altar.


Here is what I've done so far.












Then I needed to carve out the shape of the Python to embedd it into the back wall later.

Too much gap will be filled with putty.

There will also be much stuff likes vines and leaves all over it.


So this may take a while.









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After that I took two pieces of plumbing pipe I had and pushed those through the wall.

I then covered it all with Milliput.


Then I applied a Greenstuff World Rolling Pin with Aztec motives.

So I got glyphs and all on it.


After my first try I took pics and noticed that the glyphs were upside down and sideways...

So I quickly used a plain rolling pin ( again from Greenstuff World) to reflatten the milliput and applied the Aztec Rolling Pin once again.

This time in the right direction <_<









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Then I drilled a few holes in the python and applied toothpicks to pin it with later.

Also I found some nice metal Lizardmen Head Ornaments.

These will be added too.

Drilled a hole in those too and used pieces of paperclip for pinning.


And some cute pics of Tanith who inspired this all...

I have permission to use Alsnia's name to be used as the priestess.

Since she dyes her hair in purple, the Priestess will also have purple hair.


I probably will also include some Maya/Inca/Aztec ok...Meso-American style Natives to assist and guard her.


The sacrifices and gifts will be placed on the altar, there will be baskets of fruit, gold, vases, skulls, weapons and stuff like that.

Look at the pics of Alsnia's pet, I will replicate that crown of flower.








Tanith 1.jpg

Tanith 2.jpg




Somewhere in the Lost World there will be a small cult who worship Tanith.

She who shall return to embrace all in her coils.

Peace and harmony she will bring.

Her enemies she will devour.

She will be recognized by her crown of flower.

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8 hours ago, chaoshead said:



I like where this is going.


I really like the texture you got on the backdrop with the rolling pin.


The Rolling Pin is from Greenstuff World, I also bought a flat one, and one with Greek and one with Egyptian motives.

You might want to check them, they also have Scifi and Wasteland stuff.

Could be useful for your Ork terrain too.


9 hours ago, canuckotter said:

I second that squee. :wub:




I appreciate it.

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I have started on some serpents,

As I mentioned, the base will be crawling with snakes pouring from those pipes.


I need to sculpt most of them, and since I'm not good at heads yet, I used instant mold on some minis.

This way I can replicate a few heads, sculpt some bodies and hopefully create a few believable serpents.










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