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16 hours ago, DocPiske said:

I just realized that I only provided suggestions and did not mention how amazing the piece is overall. I would love to have this show up on a table I was gaming at. Fantastic work.


Thanks, I appreciate all suggestions, I'll take what I can use from it.


It's motivating that people take the time to view, like and/or comment.

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12 minutes ago, hosercanadian said:

Something I haven't seen any comments on yet, is the stone debris.  If she is shedding the stone like a skin, shouldn't there me more of it around her?  Or was that your plan after the painting and basing was done?


I applied some. I don't want too much of it, so I figured it broke off with so much force, most of it has fallen off the altar..


I will see how it looks in the end, if need be more will be added, but there will be a lot going on with vegetation, offerings, snakes and such too,


Here I used Scale 75 Decayed Metal, Then Old Copper, Ruby Alchemy for the eyes and Vallejo Verdigris.







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48 minutes ago, Morihalda said:

Herman!!! This is super great!!! :wub: I love all of the aged looks with the sugar skulls and all the sneks! 


Thx Mori!!!!


There will be a lot more before I call this done.



More work on the stoneworks.

Will go over this later with more Scale 75 Birch.


I used Scale 75 Birch Sahara Yellow, Iroko and Vallejo Terracotta and some diluted verdigris.








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