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42 minutes ago, InvisibleThumb said:

They need more than just a like button for things like this.  Love the snakes on this - and that one coming out of the hole - so good.  Also they need an "ick" button cause it's so good it gives you the creeps.   


Thank you!


I have little time at the moment, and will be out of the country for a month.

Maybe I can do some work on it this weekend, else it will have to wait.


Glad you like it so far!


This kind of motivation helps a lot!

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Added the bird on top of the piece.

These flowers will be used for Tanith's crown.




Ok, I finished the piece!!!

Really wanted to do this since I will be out of the country for almost a month next week.


I made two Show Off Threads one for Alsnia and one for Tanith's Awakening it self.


A few previews here.


The Show Offs are here:










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42 minutes ago, malefactus said:

CONGRATULATIONS on completing (for the moment) a TRULY WONDERFUL creation...further comments in the Show Off section. VERY WELL DONE!


Thank you for your ongoing support!


It was a lot of fun, more ideas have formed on the way.

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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's a really kick-elf piece of scenery, Xherman!!

Excellent work all around!


Thx Brother Wolf!


All you guys giving advice and suggestions really helped to create this.

Very motivating crowd here!

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