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A New Game: What Mini Am I Anyway?


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Inspired by this post by Darsc Zacal, I'm starting a new game, "What Mini Am I Anyway?" Anyone can participate.


The idea seems to be to see if you can identify a miniature from its silhouette and possibly some clues.  Thematic groups are not required, but can add to the fun.


This is the image that spurred the idea:



Clues:  This is a party of PCs in a game loosely (very loosely) based on White Wolf's World of Darkness.  Two figures are from Reaper; I mentioned the sources of two of the other figures on these forums last month.  One figure has been modified by the removal of a weapon.


Players are encouraged to identify the figures by company, name (if any) and SKU number (if any).  Prizes are, um, the respect of your awesome detectoring skills and "Likes".

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Well the Reapers are the following:

1st:  62102: Numenera: Jack 

3rd:  50305: Benedict Baker


& #5 is a Hasselfree mini but which one is escapes me (female in bodysuit with a sword & bowl cut) HFA004 Kat perhaps?

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Based on my experiences in other forums that liked to play "guess the 'x'" games, I have a suggestion: try to keep the focus on only one item at a time.  This has two advantages.  Firstly it will help keep everyone on task rather than having multiple partial answers.  Secondly, it allows you to set a "rule" that the person who guessed correctly is then the person who gets to post the next picture.  It turns the thread into a cycle where someone posts a pic, other players guess what it is, the person who posted the image declares who was the first successful reply (or posts a clue if no one gets it), and then the winner has 24 hours to post a new pic of guess the mini/sculptor/painter/etc.


If you like competition you can assign a point to the winner of each round and keep a running tally.  After awhile someone will have bragging rights for their mini knowledge.

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Assuming that there is actually some interest in playing a game like this, I'll point out that by this time the players need a hint.


Since I don't know the answers all I can say is - if you look carefully all of the minis have been rotated so that you are looking at their backsides.  #2 is an archer with animalistic legs & #4 appears to be wearing a short sleeveless dress.


haldir: 3 points


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