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On 4/10/2017 at 7:18 AM, VolksFest said:

This is outrageous!! 


How can some people get to have you in their gaming group and enjoy such exquisite painting for table top gaming?! 






For my own part, I figured I've worked hard and earned the right to play with my minis (not something I think is unique to me).  Some of our players are painters, and some of them aren't.  The ones who are painters will sometimes do up their own characters, and sometimes they'll leave it to me.


I get that- there's something satisfying about painting up your own character.  The oddest one was when a friend of mine painted up his mounted character, but left the dismounted version to me (and he told me not to overdo it).

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What's that little boar guy called.  I really like him and might need to get one myself... although I will not paint it as well as you it looks like a fun paint.


Never mind... turns out if you read the post instead of drooling over the pictures you can learn all you need to.

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