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Finally finished this guy up for my current campaign I am running.  This was a real labor of love for me.  I absolutely love the model and loved working on it even though it seemed as though nearly everything that could go wrong, did.  From missing part (quickly replaced because Reaper is awesome) to paint cracking, to one antler wanting to continuously fall off, to problems with the basing (caused mostly by my trying to rush last night to get it done in time for today's session).  All in all I am pretty happy with this guy considering my current skill level (not very high).  My only regret was not noticing that the right eye socket (left as you look at it) on the helm had a bunch of extra metal debris in it until it was too late.  Couldn't get it off without risking breaking the model and unfortunately that prevented me from giving it the green glow that is in the other eye socket and where the nose would have been (to represent magic in the helm).  I do wish I had more time to better base the model but I just ran out of time.  I also realized the value in basing it first and painting the model on a separate holder (cork, bottle cap, etc.), and will definitely be doing so with future models!  Regardless, he can now die with honor this afternoon!

At any rate, thanks for looking and as always I appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvements.  I am always looking for new techniques or ideas on how to improve my current techniques since I am still so new.


WIP can be found here.  Special thanks go out to @Xherman1964 for all his suggestions as I was painting this guy up.







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7 hours ago, primeval said:

Looks great - I really like what you did with the helm especially! Nice work on the two-tone cloak as well.

Thanks!  I was pretty pleased with how the antlers in particular turned out.  It was just a shame the one antler fell off near the end and I couldn't quite line it back up the same so had to do a bit of a patch job on the paint to get him done in time for the game, but I was still pretty pleased.


6 hours ago, CorallineAlgae said:

Great job! I really like this guy's skin tone. You did a very respectable job on the shading and highlights on his skin.


Thanks, skin tone is an area that I know I need a lot of work on to get it to the really high levels that a lot of people produce around here (that's not a knock on me either, I know its just an experience thing) but I'm slowly working on getting beyond merely doing to a fleshwash so to speak. 

3 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

He turned out great!


I like the green magical eye socket.


Thanks!  I too liked the look of the green sockets. I just wish I had thought of the idea before I started assembling him as it might have been easier/possible to clean out the one socket then.  It's a valuable lesson for the future though, have a good plan in place before you begin!  I was initially thinking of just painting the whole helm up as a bone and as such didn't look too closely at the sockets to realize one had a lot of extra metal bits stuck on that were hard to get to.  Still glad I added the glow though.

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