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ikoma byozo

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I have two approaches. One is for a small group of figures, the other when you need fifty skeletons yesterday...


1. Prime in white, stain paint with ivory, wash with thin walnut, and dry-brush with dragon white.


2. Prime with rust-colored auto primer, dry brush with ivory, don't look too closely



I had to put fifty skels on the board that afternoon! I'll repaint them when there is time!


The first method has given me good results.Hope this helps.

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Here is my two cents on the issue.

Prime in whatever color primer you enjoy using.  I use grey.

Then paint the mini white unless you used white primer.  

Over this put a thin glaze of ivory or a color called sandstone (Apple Barrel Paints).

Then do a wash in black, and allow to dry.  Drybrush over the skeletons with a small amount of a brown color to add a bit of detail.

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I start with a Black Primer.  This is followed by a Dark brown [leaving black in the recesses], then a base color over that of Ivory or antique White and a final highlight of white to rap it all up, you can also do a wash of a chesnut or light brown befor the final highlight if you want a dirtier look.
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