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beastman warriors 1& 2

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So the first I painted in rosy flesh tones and the second in tanned skin.  

I had them finished, but my can of spray sealer broke, the nozzle broke off, with some stuck inside.  

I attempted to spray them anyway - and it came out like gritty white spray paint.   I repainted the skin and horns, but you can still see some of it on the bases. 



The internet says I can replace the nozzle with one from another spray can, but the size of army-painter sealer did not match my other cans. 

- it was 4 years old, so time for a new can. 



back goats.jpg

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These are pretty cool figures. I like your color choices for both the man and beast portions. Very nice.

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    • By Lord of the Dish Pit
      I really liked the poses on these guys, they look like they've stepped out of a woodcut and hence are perfect as bodyguards for the local witches.

      I chopped up some leaves with a hole punch and added them to their bases for a more autumnal look. 

    • By canuckotter
      Finished this guy up as part of my son's Dragon Rampant army I'm buying and painting for him for Christmas this year. Super quick, by my standards - 2 hours, including a bunch of time spent messaging a friend. And yeah, I know things are rough and I missed a bunch of mold lines... I'm trying to paint an army, not a competition piece.  Comments and criticism welcome!

    • By dks
      At the Origins Game Fair last month, I took part in Reaper's speed-painting contest. 
      I hadn't painted much all year because of a new job, but I wanted to jump back into painting with some necessarily fast work.
      Cheryl (LadyStorm) ran the contest.  It was right next to the Reaper booth.
      As usual for Reaper's speed-paints, each contestant got a basic set of 12 paints (a combination of Master Series and HD) and 2 brushes.
      Paint colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, Caucasian flesh, orange-brown, dark brown, silver, and gold.  I didn't use the silver or gold at all, because I didn't want to get shiny flakes polluting the water.  As you can see, I relied heavily on the browns.
      Brush sizes/shapes: a larger flat brush and a smaller pointed brush ... except for Round 2. See below.
      So now I have 3 new Bones figures to show for about 3 hours of painting.  
      Some of the paint rubbed off along the way back home, but otherwise they are unchanged.
      I'm not sure whether I'll clean up the paint jobs under better lighting and with better brushes, or just leave them like this.
      Anyway, here they are:
      Round 1: beastman warrior 2, Bones #77253.  45 minutes.

      Round 2 (semifinal): Bloodhoof, minotaur barbarian, Bones #77251.  50 minutes.
      The larger flat brushes used in the Round-1 heats had all gotten frazzled, and Cheryl wanted to save some new ones for the final round, so we got only 2 small brushes for this round -- size 5/0.  It's tough painting a big figure with a tiny brush.

      Round 3 (final): Dragoth the Defiler, plus throne, Bones #77201.  75 minutes.

      I quickly realized that Dragoth wasn't permanently attached to the throne, so I pulled them apart, painted the two pieces separately, and then put them back together with a few minutes left.  As you can see, his back is just plain black, but at least I avoided leaving anything unpainted and glaringly white.

      Thanks for looking!
    • By Maledrakh
      The two remaining thugs for my Frostgrave evil warband:


      Billy the youngest and Gruff the eldest.
      Billy likes to talk with the trolls, Gruff won't have any of that and charges in.
      and from a couple of weeks ago, for completeness' sake:

      Goat, the middle brother
      The three brothers Grimm function as arrow fodder Thugs and treasure donkeys, very useful indeed.
      77252: Beastman Warrior 1
      77254: Beastman Champion
      Reaper Miniatures, Bones KS2
      Bones PVC
      30mm and 40mm base respectively
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