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i painted up some of mine. Craft paint base coat and reaper paints on top, sealed afterwards

Yeah.   and I never go overboard and forget 'it's just terrain'.  

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18 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

So... they need a whole college semester to get their packing lists ready? That is odd.


I am not sure if they ever said how the terrain will ship to backers. 


They may want as many addresses now as possible to run the numbers to see were they can strategically spend less on shipping.

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This is what they had to say in the email:


Hi TerrainSpotters,

This is a quick update to ask you to please check your address in Backerkit. We are still on track to deliver your pledges in May, however we need to start creating a database of everyone's orders ready to send, which means we need your correct address.



6 minutes ago, Mushu_Green said:

It's a shame this and DF will not be in time for when I'll run CoS in march... wih death house :(


Well, they're still holding to the original target date, and while I've had a couple of KS ships a week or two early, I've yet to see one ship MONTHS early.  Months late?  Oh yeah.

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I think it is as KodiakBear said, looking at what methods they can ship for the least.


For instance, do they prepack shipments at the factory, and then send multiple containers to multiple different places. Or do they send all the containers to their fulfillment center in the UK (or whereever) and then pack the shipments. 


Also, better to ship early than late... unless you tell people you might ship early, and then you ship ontime. Unfortunately, I could see some people complaining about being told it would be early, and then only getting it on time. 

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12 hours ago, ced1106 said:
23 hours ago, Mushu_Green said:

So you mean everyone who got the KS paid more than people will get at retail?


No and yes. Expect a 20%+ discount at the OLGS (less than KS discount) and higher discounts at holiday and clearance sales (greater than KS discount), if they occur, but for the base product, not the SG's. I've noticed that with KS, if you don't mind waiting a few years for a sale for the base game (and don't mind if it's never on sale), you can get it *much* cheaper than KS backers did. Of course, they'll get their games before you will. I just picked up Vast and Near and Far at half off, but Vast was released two years ago, and Near and Far last year (okay, maybe not years...!).


To supplement the price discussion: from the kickstarter page, for whatever it's worth, they're claiming each of the themed sets (not a crate, which includes 4+ sets) will go for $29.99. That means each crate, retail, would be $120 of retail value plus a few more bucks for the kickstarter "bonus." The kickstarter had a crate at $75, two crates for $70 each, and three crates for $60. So in theory, backers are getting a discount. Will it match a black Friday discount when they're trying to clear terrain out of their warehouse, now? That I don't know. Probably want to trust Ced on that stuff. I don't usually buy Mantic stuff retail myself.

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5 hours ago, Knight of the Dinner Table said:

And then it begs the question if people are willing to pay $30 for such a set (without Kickstarter bonus) .... or if the only chance to sell it is with a discount. Looking at the sets, I might pay $30 for one or two of them, but for most of them my answer would be "no".


Without the kickstarter bonus the boxes do look light for the price.

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I like plastic terrain enough that I was willing to take a chance at not getting a good deal, but making sure I got mountains of plastic pieces I could throw down.


(My players have been loving the heck out of it. So it's only encouraging me.)


But the coins the size of platters in the treasure piles is the kind of thing that has me wondering if I made the right choice or not. Well we will see!


(BTW, has anyone seen the announced Wiz Kids Deep Cut Wizard Library that is now in Pre-Order? It's looking good!)

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13 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:


(BTW, has anyone seen the announced Wiz Kids Deep Cut Wizard Library that is now in Pre-Order? It's looking good!)

I did. It looks like their next wave is heavy on the Dungeon dressing.

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Given how well the unpainted stuff is selling, and how much the prepaint barrels are selling for (and their paint jobs are nothing to write home about. I can't even tell if there is more than 2 colors on them.) I am not surprised. 

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Heh, sure enough, one day after the Pledge Manager closed, I realized I wanted to increase my pledge....


The Auld Grump - pretty sure it was because the Pledge Manager had closed....


*EDIT* That one, smaller, crate that I hadn't pledged for....

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