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Happy birthday, PaganMegan!

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The oh! So subtle clue that I oh! So wanted to drop earlier about my present for her -


(The song, not the cartoon.)


Last year, I got her a green cowl dress - a rather witchy looking dress with a hood - and this year I got her a red dress of similar design... and a few accessories for Hallowe'en - a wolf mask and an axe. So I can either wear the mask with the Beast outfit I got last month, or she can stuff the head and carry it as a trophy - Little Red Ridining Hood: Werewolf Hunter. ::):


The main purpose is for her to wear at the pagan retreat and at her circle's gatherings. (All natural fiber - and a lot more comfortable in the colder months than wearing the sky.)



We were going to have an impromptu in-character cookout with two other folks that are having their birthdays right about now - but it is raining so... maybe Saturday?


The Auld Grump


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The haunch of goat is currently in the freezer - Megan didn't want to have goat and lamb too close together. (Lamb on Easter Sunday with her mum, her aunt Dorothy, and her cousin Claire.)


If we could have had the barbecue yesterday as planned, then it would have been a go - but goat... does not make for good leftovers, and a whole leg would have been a bit much for just the two of us.


The Auld Grump

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