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Beginning my theorizing for ReaperCon.  I originally liked the Incubus and was heading toward making it primarily focus around him but was having trouble finding something to work with other than just landing on something.  Then I figured he could be in a duel with another winged being.  Then I got to the point where I was thinking the Darkspawn Succubus might make for a good opponent for our teenage boy... so I ordered them.


So I could discuss this with my mentor, I took some approximate photos for a discussion point:



And by the time my lesson rolled around, I was thinking I could call it something like:



We talked about how to work around this and I have a better understanding of where and why I can and should do some things.  And ways to show what I am trying to convey more clearly.  This was very very helpful.  As I get into dealing with the figures and bringing this to life, I'll try to show what we talked about and why I am doing them.  


Let the countdown begin!  187 Days till ReaperCon...


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