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FitzBones: 77258 Blood Demon


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Here's another of my vast stash of Bones figures, now splashed with paint. This is a very quick and unfussy paint job, and not really a very good one, but it will do the job. It took me about half an hour.


It appears in Reaper's inventory as 77258: Blood Demon, but it seems pretty clear that it's based on an AD&D minor demon called a Babau that I first saw in the MM2, published in 1983.

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(☞゚ヮ゚)☞  Great catch!


Nice speed paint. Can't believe you can knock out a mini in under an hour. It almost looks like some kind of undead or skeletal tiefling. So cool that it's actually an old school MM2 baddie. The base came out especially nice. Love how much contrast you gave it. He should look fearsome on the table. 

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It's mostly cheating :)


I spray the whole thing black, then do a zenithal (highlight) spray in white from above. A black wash defines any lines that the spray has filled in, and then I do a semi-dry-brush in pure white to pull out the highlights. That gives me a black-and-white figure with all the tonal values in place, which I then colour with transparent inks. After that, it's just a case of going in to highlight anything that needs highlighting, like the claws and teeth and the edges of the rocks and what-have-you.


And that's about it. It's not a process that will work for every mini, but for mooks like this it's very quick and easy.

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