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RUDE GIRLS female orc miniatures

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Linked instead of embedded because nudity..


About this project

 Hello all,

You are looking for a female leader for your orc army, or just a cool miniature to paint ? 

Well, this is my first kickstarter, so don't be afraid if the layout is pretty basic, you will not find supershinywords or coolfantasybackground, it's not my style... What you see is what you get !

Few words about me. Miniatures sculptor for nearly 20 years, I've worked for a lot of famous companies like Rackham, PrivateerPress, Mierce, and many others...  Today I want to create my own range, to explore my favorite themes in fantasy. 

All the minis are cast in resin by a skilled craftsman, here in France, no Chinese plastic here.

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This project totally eludes me. I do not get how on earth someone as skilled as Benoit Cosse would do a project like this. I love the theme, it's fun. The cave-men take on it.  But I dont really get the idea behind it. I understand why someone would want to sculpt "ugly" in contrast to the oversexualized that goes on in the hobby, but even here the rude girls are oversexualized, half-naked, with boobs out. But what I do not understand at all is why doesnt he sculpt the "ugly" in a good way?


This one looks to be sculpted by a 4-years old, and not by one of the great ones in the industry. Really wierd.



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I like some of the ideas, like the giant Rhino.

And to me it's okay that not all tribal women are covering their boobs.

But somehow, those faces just aren't doing it for me, not bc they're meant to be ugly, they just seem unfinished (maybe they are?)


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I like a couple of the figures, but for the most part, I'm not too impressed...

The problem is that the 1 or 2 i like, I don't like as figures; I'm looking at 'em as a source of bits.

Good luck to the creator, but not for me.

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To me, it appears like Benoit Cosse is aiming to achieve an effect that looks "poor". For example, look at the sculpt with the female holding the carcass/skeleton into the air. The skull and the ribcage look amateurish. The feathers of the vulture don't look at feathers at all. Look at all the fur details on the other sculpts. Also amateurish. If he is aiming to sculpt "ugly" figures, it would look a lot better if the details are at least sculpted decently. 

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I kind of like em... The yellowish sculpts look pretty bad, but the group shot with them in a white material looks good. I like the Rhino and the Hyena especially. The Troll looks good too.... but they are on the expensive side for what they are... I am keeping an eye on it.. but this really doesn't tempt me at this price point.

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The rhino looks wonderful, but the quality of that sculpt makes many of the other figures look even poorer by comparison. I also like the riders. At least what I can see of them. They're in contextually good poses and look to be well sculpted. Can't really see their faces though. As a stand alone piece it quite nice. History is littered with primitive cultures who never wore tops, so I don't have an issue with it. These look far more savage than cheesecake. Either way, it isn't my thing. 

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This is... an 'almost'.


If the sculpting were better, I would be happier, I think. Those sculpts... just are not that good. ::(:


The primitive/aboriginal style is interesting - and if there were some males to go with them... they could be useful. (Yeah, I know, nekkid male figures don't sell as well - but having the females in one style, and the males in another, makes it hard to build a theme.) I would rather see a full tribe.


Sending it along to Megan anyway, but I will be dodging this one.


The Auld Grump

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