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Evilhalfling beat me to the punch, but I wanted to go ahead and post me semi-review of the new Wiz-Kids unpainted miniature line.


Seduced my their computer rendered images of the miniature I bought a couple of packs.  Below are the Female Monks from the D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures line.


I did not spend a lot of time on them, basically just testing out how easy they were to clean and paint.  They come primered, which is nice, but with the mold lines to remove a lot of that primer gets scraped away.  Luckily, the white plastic alone is just fine to paint over.  Interestingly, I found that the paint I used (reaper) did not stick as well to the primer as it usually does.  It flows on well, but, when dry, handling the miniature with my fingers was causing the paint to come off, which usually does not happen.  I was painting a Reaper Bones miniature at the same time and I primed it with cheap spray paint, and I did not have the same issue.  In the future, I would either re-prime them (which is going to lose even more detail) or stick the miniature on a holder while I paint. I put  couple of coats of brush-on matte lacquer to protected the paint and I think that will be enough.

Overall, the level of detail was not as good as the sales imagery, but I expected as much.  It is a very nice level of detail for tabletop-quality so I would likely not use one of these miniature for a PC or main character.

The plastic is more firm than the Reaper Bones, closer to the pre-painted miniatures that Wiz-Kids also produces.  It look some bending to get the pole straight, but it did not stay after it was painted.  I think I like this slighter firmer plaster just a little more that Bones, but they are both good and better than some of the hard plastic miniatures I have painted.

It comes with a thin 1.5mm round base, which I actually like.  I always find it odd that everywhere you go on the battlefield, there is always a foot-tall round soapbox with which to stand, so these flatter bases are very nice in my opinion.


Here is a picture of the monks along with a Reaper Bones male monk that I also painted quickly some time ago, and one of the original pre-painted D&D miniatures that I left as is.


All in all, more competition on the market is always better for the consumer and I'm glad to see Wik-Kids release this product line.  With that being said, I don't think there is anything else they have right now that I would buy.  If I wanted a PC for an RPG, I would go metal or Resin.  If they release more monsters, then maybe it would be more useful.  It would be interesting to see something along the lines of horses and carts, or ballistas and catapults.

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You did a nice job paint them up. That extra pale color you used on the Reaper monk's clothes is especially nice. What did you use to get that?


Thanks for the review. The minis certainly don't stand up to the renders, but for the price that's to be expected. Hopefully the monsters will fare better. I have the D&D Dwarf Male Wizards and Displacer Beast along with the Pathfinder Goblins on the way. 

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