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Link they gave was broken.  Waiting on proper link  

Hello Everybody! 

We would like to inform you that we have started a new life project: Legacy Vault. In poor words it consist to create limited edition miniatures for the major Holidays, starting from this Easter 2017

What do you think about? Help us and share if you like! As always your support it's important :)

Happy eastern to all, best wishes! 







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Hello Everybody!


Starting from Easter 2017, we decided to begin creating miniatures dedicated to the major holidays.  Here the Campaign that will start pn 17-04-2017 at 20:00 CET


 These limited-edition items will delight enthusiasts, collectors and artists, and the models may even end up on board games if the players can use their imagination. 

 The idea is to bring out one or more dedicated models each year, at regular intervals and for a limited period of time and quantity.

After the sales period, models will go into the Legacy Vault, which will remain closed until next event and when it's closed, models inside will not be sold.

But what is the Legacy Vault and how it works? Legacy Miniatures are fairly rare and limited models that aren't normally available for purchase in the store. You can sometimes find them in on sale during special events and always for a very short time. The Legacy Vault is the place where Legacy Miniatures are kept after sales period end. Inside this Vault you will find all limited models made during years. 
Be warned, the Vault may not reopen for future sales, so if you see a piece that you like and are wavering, you'd better not risk it and grab it quickly. 
There's no guarantee it will be available again next year! 

A certificate will also be issued with each model, authenticating its number and release of issue. 


Easter Rat, Troll and Bust are Limited edition to 500 pieces each one, available ONLY from during this campaign and remaining unsold pieces IF Legacy Vault will be open again in a limited period. 



Let's start with a rabb... no, Rat, an Easter Rat! What's could be softer and more tender than a Rat?    



So that we don't miss anything, let's move onto the sober Troll. This guardian of the eggs will surely be able to handle them without any breakages!





And finally the bust!





Models will have a 32-mm scale. However, bear in mind that does not mean that they will measure 32 mm from the ground to the eyes, but rather that they will have the proportions of this scale. A human being is 32mm high from the ground to the eyes, but a troll will be much bigger and a rat man will be a bit smaller. 


The models will be made in resin and metal, and you will have to make the difficult choice of which material to have. Each model will come with a generic base, but we are sure that the more expert among you will be able to create a small diorama for these limited editions.


Anyone who participated in our last campaign, Florence Knights, will have the opportunity to put models from this new campaign in the same package as those from the last one, meaning you will get everything together at once and save on postage!


 Since this is a campaign with restricted content, as you can see, very few miniatures have been sculpted and are only missing the production. As such, the shipping and manufacturing times are already confirmed. At the end of the campaign, as soon as Kickstarter has processed the payments, everything will be produced and shipped immediately, so you will only have to wait the length of time needed to process the buyer information.


 What else is there to say? Enjoy the campaign and best wishes for a happy Easter 2017!

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According to the certificates I got with my set, I have Easter Troll 001, and Easter Rat 001 in my clammy hands... 


And judging by the comments section on KS, at least some others backers will be receiving theirs this week also. 

Time to update this to 'Fulfilling' I think.

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