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Flesh and fur


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I started on this last night.  Flesh tones have never been my strongest skill.  So far I'm happy with the way the face of the model is turning out.  The veins on the arms... ugh.  

Im hoping to more or less complete Krug today.  Ambishious project for me anyways.


I'm thinking about making the hand wrap on the left hand bloodied?  Suggestions?


Any tips on fingernails?  Usually I'd scmere on some off-white, but that might look a little cheesy.





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Well, here it is.  It's not 100% done, but given my one-day timeline to finish, it turned out better than I expected.


I have some of the skin-tones in my wet pallet.  Hopefully they'll last a day or three.  Id like to fill in the holes in the models back.  If not I may try to make some green-stuff paper clip arrows.  I haven't made up my mind just yet.


Id like to brighten up some of the metal bits around his waist, and chest.   They're a little dark for my taste.


Revisiting the left eye is also on my list.  Honestly you can't (well I can't) see the wonky eye without magnification.


looking at the pictures I might have some tweeking to do on the fingernails yet too.


All in all I'm pretty proud of today's work.  I'm half tempted just to finish the base and call it good.  We'll see if my miniature OCD will let me though!





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