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Drowned Earth Miniatures Game (Kickstarter)


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The Drowned Earth...

...is a tabletop miniatures game where brave heroes and villains risk the dangers of the wilds for glorious riches and ancient technology!

  • Played on a 3ftx3ft table. 
  • 5 (or more) models a side. 
  • Scenario based play.
  • Beautifully cast, multi-part metal miniatures. 

The game is set in the land of Ulaya, a tropical world of flooded cities, overgrown ruins and terrifying predators. 


About the Development Process

 When I decided to create The Drowned Earth I had Four simple design briefs. I wanted the game to have: 

  • A Parkour/ Freerunning movement system.
  • Rules which told a narrative through a dramatic reaction mechanic.
  • A streamlined, elegant system which was quick to learn and easy to remember.
  • An unambiguous rules set suitable for competitive play. 

Two years of development later, and I think I've ticked those boxes, and many more! The Drowned Earth is the kind of game you can tell stories about, without once talking about the mechanics or the dice you rolled. 

Models leap off buildings, guns blazing, dodge bullets as they run through open ground, and swing from vines to take key objectives. It truly is a cinematic, narrative game full of knife edge choices and story moments!


About the Miniatures

I've watched and backed a lot of Kickstarters, and passionately want to avoid the pitfalls many of them experience with late delivery, quality issues and production bottle necks. As a first time producer I have done as much research as possible to mitigate risk. 


To that end I have established full production pipeline and have actually gone through a complete production cycle with an outstanding metal caster, to deliver to you the best metal miniatures I can. Pictures speak a thousand words. 







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