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Catgirl Pirate by Das Schwarze Auge (Ral Partha Europe)

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This is a catgirl pirate ( "Nyamaunir-Piratin"), figure #15503C from Das Schwarze Auge, produced under license by Ral Partha Europe (which is not Ral Partha).


Got that?


She is a wee bit on the small side.  Here from left to right are a cat person (Khaliman) from the French "Alkemy" game, our little kee kat pirate, Reaper's 77340: Avatar of Sekhmet, and Reaper's 03478: Tawny Firehair, Cat Girl.



Here she is up close.  She has some nice details and a more fuzzy appearance than most of the cat people minis I've seen.



This is my standard priming:  A thinned coat of Titanium White allowed to dry for a full day, then a wash with thinned Burnt Umber.  It's related to Renaissance painting techniques and I find it gives a good warm foundation to start from.


I was painting her at the same time as some wolves, for economy of paint.  I figure I'm going to paint her like a grey cat.


The first coat of paint is a light grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, lightened a good deal with white. 



Here's a back view:



It may be noticed I'm a little casual how I apply my paint.  There are bits not covered and the paint has been thinned down and it isn't always the same opacity because of that and the under-brown shows through.


I mixed a slightly more translucent, darker version of the same grey and added some more.





Then I took some matte pure Carbon Black and indicated in her eyes, nose, mouth, and claws.  I put an undercoat of black on her sabers as long as I was at it, since I find it looks very good under silver.



Tune in later to find out what's next ...


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Cool mini!


I have some DSA minis, they were originally from a German Company named Hobby Products, the same company that made the Demonworld 15mm Game.

Ral Partha Europe still sells both lines.


Wonderful stuff.

I like your approach!

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Just tossed a little Red Iron Oxide as a base coat on her head bandanna.




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3 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:

Are you going to put dots or stripes on the bandana?


Aren't red bandannas always paisely?  ::P:



(She said, asking for trouble ...)

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Just now, Pingo said:


Aren't red bandannas always paisely?  ::P:



(She said, asking for trouble ...)


You know they are! ::P:





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