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March of the Dead miniatures

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About this project

I've been making miniatures for about three years now, during that time I've made sculpts for various miniature companies as a freelancer sculptor. Now I've decide do to take the plunge and produce some of my own miniatures. That aspiration led me to Kickstarter.


I've been busy sculpting the range of undead miniatures presented here over the last few months. They're predominantly 28mm sculpts, the Undead Heroes are larger at 32mm scale, to fit their powerful status. I consciously made them an eclectic bunch, including animals. My vision of the undead force is a terrifying mix of all forms of life, bent to the will of their masters. 


During the course of this campaign, I'll continue to sculpt miniatures to add to the range. I have a Facebook Group - March of the Dead, where I'm working on suggestions offered by the groups members. The more popular ones will be joining the miniatures here.


The objectives of this project are to firstly see the miniatures produced in white metal by Macrocosm Miniatures and in your possession In a timely manner. 


If things go really well, then hopefully I can also get a shiny website made, so I can continue producing miniatures and offer them online.


Anyway. I think that covers the background. Time to show you the miniatures on offer.....


To select multiple rewards, pick one of your choices, then amend the total to include the grand total. I'll then collect the details of your order with the Pledge Manager.


Sinister Necromancer


Glorious Dead has the Necromancer and Nine zombie miniature, some shown at multiple angles for clarity


Undead Heroes


Zombie Cow

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The sheep, the cow, and the face-peeler, for the win!  That cow's really nasty--reminds me of butchering deer.  Great!

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The Cow looks good, not sure about the size of the sheeps legs though, they seem a bit off.


I like the skeleton guard with the bird helmet.

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Is the skeleton with the scythe making a rude gesture?

Maybe? I thought at first it was a 'get over here!' gesture, but I think I only see two fingers on this side of the raised one, so maybe. 


This campaign suffers from poor photography.

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Is the necromancer a bit not Vincent Price?  Can never have too many zombie critters. Skeletal cows or oxen, if made,would be nice draft animals for undead carts.

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I really love this set, lots of fun characters.  However, I can't justify more Zombies...probably ever, at this point, after stocking up for a few games of Akula's Rules for Halloween events.

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Yeah, I got the all animals pledge. 


Ialmost talked myself self into the rest of the main figures because there are enough interesting ones, but I got a few too many Kickstarter irons in the fire. But I did think the half skeleton half zombie would be a great "Here lay an acid trap" warning that I could mod into some dungeon scatter terrain. 

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