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14366: Dehanis Twinleaf, Elf Druid

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11 hours ago, Serenity said:

Did you sculpt the butterfly?  It came out well, and your colors on the whole figure are very nice. ::):  If you didn't sculpt it, I'm curious where you got it.

The butterfly is from Small Animal Pack from Busch (manufacturer). I ordered them online from a model train supply website, don't ask me which one, I don't remember. Google Busch Small Animal Pack and you should get results. It comes with incredibly tiny butterflies, fish, bees, frogs, mice, etc. I recommend investing in self closing tweezers to hold them to paint and working over something to catch it if you drop it because they are hard to find if you drop one. There are lots of different animals in the pack and they are fun to add to bases and dioramas as a little "easter egg" for people to find.



10 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

She looks great!


And the base looks amazing.


I too share your sentiment on basing. I'd much rather move on to the next figure. However, bases do make a big difference in the visual impact of a figure. So I can't say I hate basing. 


I like all the leaves you added to the base.

Thank you! I guess I usually have fun once I start working on the base, it is making myself sit down and do it instead of grabbing the next mini that is the problem! Ha!


I love my new leaf punch!

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6 hours ago, Kuro Cleanbrush said:

Those are some wonderful color transitions and a beautiful face! ::):  Keep up the great work!!!


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5 hours ago, James- said:

I'm impressed with the eyes! The whole thing looks great too!

Thank you! The sculpt has rather large eyes. It made it easy to get in there and do all of the steps for making eyes.

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5 hours ago, LarsM said:

Super Nice paintjob and base, and the butterfly really brings it to life.


Thank you! She was a fun one!

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      I did her the same time I did the Night Elf I also just recently posted, but one of the eyes on this green haired chicky poo, I just couldn't get it like I wanted to, so I went back and redid the eye, and I still didn't like it, so this is the third version, which I'm also not super duper satisfied with, but there comes a point when I just give up to move to the next small piece of metal.
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