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Lunesdargent Workshop Egyptian Terrain

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Huge box of sandstone Lunesdargent Workshop terrain arrived from KS and I'm starting to paint it up... Trying to pick out a paint scheme and I'm looking for suggestions. I'm looking to do Egyptian style ruins rather then a "current" time version that might still having colored paint.


How the pieces come is in the upper right ... I've tried a dark redish-brown GW wash reikland flesh iirc (upper left), tempered it back with a heavy bone drybrush (lower left), also tried a 20:1 Reaper Ruddy Brown wash lower right. Not really happy with any thus far, and don't want to burn out too many pieces on tests.




I found some pictures of a hirst arts set with a paint scheme I like, but I'm not entirely sure how to achieve the effect. Maybe a heavier ruddy brown wash with a bone or sand color drybrush over it? I can't link to the pic as its on another .com but if you google image search for etomb359.jpg it will come up. Appreciate any suggestions!


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I think the one on the lower right looks pretty good.  A very light sand color drybrushed over might give it a little more depth.


I had a few pieces of Egyptian terrain I painted up a couple of years ago.  As I recall, I was mostly working with layers of dull dark brown, manila folder buff yellow, and the odd bit of grey.

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I like them all, but I can see higher contrasts being too much for the two on the left.


The bottom-right probably has the best scheme, but you probably want to be careful highlighting because it could get out of hand really quickly if you go too high. I would be careful to line it with highlights, rather than drybrushing.


And then... just a tiny touch of shadow in the depths. Again, with that scheme, it can get out of hand quickly. It's a delicate balance.

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I also like the bottom right the most. If you need to test stuff... just do the bottoms - it'll at least give you an idea if you have the right base shade. You can also test highlighting. And your mistakes won't be visible. You're probably going to be doing the stuff with the indents darker anyway, just keep it more localized to cracks and lines, and stuff, than on everything.


I also think the key is how new do you want it to look. I have a vague memory of reading kids' history books and something about lime washes which would probably off-whiten stuff up (and also the colors of paints).

I also your model images are more bone-y or off-whites with dark washes - but maybe soaked up quickly  so it's only really darkening cracks/lines, and then drybrushing too.

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