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Milestone complete. Harsk


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The little dwarf that could. I finished painting him, tested a few more things, then sealed him. After a very abrupt change in hair color (due to me not logging what paints I mixed before and choosing the wrong colors..)


I tried freehand, which I failed, (its why the kettle is blue,) I also tested the static grass, which I don't really like how it looks, I have since bought grass I think will look better. And i tried something new for the photos, which where the photos are better I definitely need a tripod. 2 have some glare but I feel you'll forgive and overlook it.

without further to do, lets examine the dwarf.






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Thanks for the feedback.  He now sits next to the recently found skeleton archer and will hopefully be soon joined by my next target milestone. A diorama. Now that i have 3 projects in mind I'm sure at least 1 will make itself to the table 

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