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Frightening to see these little guys slathered with soo much love


dueling OSL????


slap a base coat and a wash on them and throw them on the table to be slaughtered!!!!


Seriously though, these are gorgeous.  Ridiculous amount of detail and shading on such small minis.  KUDOS!

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Thanks everyone.  Very kind.  

I've always believed that a decently painted model makes the dice roll just a little bit better.... Kobolds need all the help they can get ::P:


2 hours ago, Gargs said:

Awesome job on these little guys. Much better than what I did and I agree that the detail is excellent.  Love the OSL which I was too afraid to try.  :p

I was intimidated at first with OSL as well.  It's actually quite forgiving.  Give it a try, you might surprise yourself!


If I would have planned out the Kobold wizard better I would have chosen a different color for the cloak/cape.  Having it being roughly the same color  as the torch light wasn't the best idea I've had.

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