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I do say these turned out very nice!  It looks like you did each individually with great details and yet the colors are matched so that they seem to be all part of the same clutch (is that the term for a group of kobolds?)


I also noticed the appropriately sized bases.  Are they based on pennies?  If so I may use that idea for my small folk too.  Sadly my bones kobolds are laying on the backup shelf of shame after I first tried to smear craft paint on them a couple years ago. 

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Thanks again everyone.  I'm glad you like them!


Invisible Thumb:  yup painted one at a time.  I keep a fairly detailed journal of what paints I used, etc. Sometimes it can be months (or years for my pig-faced orcs) to finish off a collection.  

As for the bases;  nope, not pennies.  I use GF9 magnetic bases for the majority of my collection.  I store my painted models on a cookie sheet(s) inside Rubbermaid tubs.  I make a wooden divider mid-way up the container, so I can have a double batch per bin.   I don't have to worry about dust, or the models banging into each other in the back of my truck transporting.

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