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My roleplaying group has a giant skeleton they recruited and I decided to give him an upgrade. I'm giving him a sword and shield, I was going to use the ogre shields for shoulders but decided to use them lower on his hips as not many attacks are going to hit his shoulders and he doesn't have the meat a living giant does to help attach them to.  I made a shield (its a big door) out of superculpey and stuck some wires in it to represent arrows/bolts.  I have temporary pins in the hip plates for now as I will paint them, then pin them into place.


Used two ogre minis and one giant king mini for the hip plates and sword.  I plan on painting the giant as a statue or golem.  I gave one ogre the other ogres club so he has two now, but the hand is totally not positioned correctly.  I just saw some of the other really well done conversions of this mini, wow!


new giant skele.JPG

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Good conversions!


On 4/23/2017 at 8:02 PM, Smokestack said:

Yeah that is pretty awesome. A suggestion for your ogres. You can get GW ogre kingdom bits for cheap on Ebay. They have right and left hands with weapons.. They match up pretty well scale wise with the Ogre.

I'll second this idea.

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I'm calling it quits on this guy. He is assembled and painted.  I decided to keep his weapon down like the hammer is on the original to help with his posture. Started on it in April? Jeesh I'm so unproductive!


Tried to use my staple gun to staple his arm to the shield.  Which was hilarious because Sculpey tends to chip/shatter, so the shield exploded in glorious fashion.  I ended up gluing it together and onto the arm.  The sword is tacked onto the wood base (small round plaque from Michaels) I like the look of the shiny gold tack head on the sword so I didn't try to cover it up.

front gs.JPG

front gs1.JPG

side gs1.JPG

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