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Marid and Sea Chariot

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I had a bunch of new figures arrive the other day. I am trying to decide which set to paint up first. Any thoughts?

Here are the new fishmen, a mind flayer, and an evil cleric of the sea:


I'd like to paint up this guy to be a green and/or bronze dragon:


A storm and a cloud giant:


Two more dancing girls:


A marid and a hippocampus chariot:



So, which one first?

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Is there any of them that you are more looking forward to painting than the others? Do you already have a color scheme in mind for any? Do you game with yours and there is an adventure coming up where they will be needed? Is there a new technique you want to try out and one of the minis is perfect for it?


Those questions are how I choose what to paint next. Looks like all of your choices are pretty cool and will be fun to paint!

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I vote for the marid and hippocampus chariot, since they're such an unusual set of figures!


Once you've picked which mini(s) you will paint, if you could change the thread title and tags to match, I would greatly appreciate it. :)



--OneBoot :D

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I decided to do a WIP of the chariot. It is pulled by a hippocampus and ridden by the marid Shazathared. 




I base-coated the hippocampus in light blue and then washed with blue ink. For the marid, I base-coated with orange and inked with flesh wash. I'm hoping for a color somthing like coral.

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