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I had a bunch of new figures arrive the other day. I am trying to decide which set to paint up first. Any thoughts?

Here are the new fishmen, a mind flayer, and an evil cleric of the sea:


I'd like to paint up this guy to be a green and/or bronze dragon:


A storm and a cloud giant:


Two more dancing girls:


A marid and a hippocampus chariot:



So, which one first?

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If it's a vote, I'd say the first group - really like the fishfolk and wouldn't mind some inspiration to get me to pull my own out some day.


I also like this idea for deciding what to paint next - though I would not want to be bound by the results.

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Is there any of them that you are more looking forward to painting than the others? Do you already have a color scheme in mind for any? Do you game with yours and there is an adventure coming up where they will be needed? Is there a new technique you want to try out and one of the minis is perfect for it?


Those questions are how I choose what to paint next. Looks like all of your choices are pretty cool and will be fun to paint!

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I usually work on a big project and paint smaller stuff while the big one dries etc...


So I would start on the Dragon, and then paint a smaller mini like any of the fishmen, dancing girls etc, while working on the bigger project.

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Well, if it were me, I would start them all and never finish any of them.


That said, if you have a use for them, the fishmen and the aquatic minis could lead to an upcoming encounter/diorama.

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I vote for the marid and hippocampus chariot, since they're such an unusual set of figures!


Once you've picked which mini(s) you will paint, if you could change the thread title and tags to match, I would greatly appreciate it. :)



--OneBoot :D

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I decided to do a WIP of the chariot. It is pulled by a hippocampus and ridden by the marid Shazathared. 




I base-coated the hippocampus in light blue and then washed with blue ink. For the marid, I base-coated with orange and inked with flesh wash. I'm hoping for a color somthing like coral.

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That's a great idea!


About coral, I picked up some artificial coral pieces in what you would call a Dollar store.

Might be cool for terrain or on the base.


Maybe add some aquatic familiars as sealife getting out of the way..

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Here is the marid with two layers of dry brushing on the skin and the first layer of white on the clothing.




And here is the hippocampus with a few layers of dy brushing. Do you think the silver is too much on the scales?



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    • By bluecrowlaura
      Hi there! I've started a diorama project, and I thought it would be good to post my progress here. This is my first diorama attempt- I have just been trying All The Things to see which ones I like best!- and so far, so good, I suppose. I'm one of those folks who learn best by doing, so here goes.
      I'll be using Reaper's 03172 Hippocampus and Pegaso's Nymert, along with some Morland Studios Sea Accessories.  I've built the base from scratch using Excalibur casting stone poured into a laser-cut plywood disk, along with lava rock, bark chips, and some hydrostone...so far. I'm going to need to add some Milliput along the edges to finish the angle, and do a bit more work with the Dremel before priming.
      I was having a hard time envisoning how the figures would interact, despite sketches, so I decided to go ahead and start attaching the one element I'm certain of: the hippocampus. After cleaning him up a little and using the Dremel to modify his base somewhat, I glued it in. I tried to twist him a little, to give some spiraling motion that would match the nymert, but this is one tough seahorse. I am going to do a little torquing when I pin to the tail, but that's it. The nymert was a little tougher; she'll have to be pinned to a coral tower in the back, so I had to add an extra pin. I did it before cleanup, and I am crossing my fingers that I can get it to look natural in the end.
      As I was deciding on the final placement of the nymert figure, I realized that I hadn't thought enough about the most important element of the dio: the story. No matter how I placed her, she looked like she was attacking the hippocampus! Not what I want! So I need to add a third figure, some sort of baddy for the two of them to be fighting. But there's very little room in this design for any additions. Soooo.....

      Tentacles. This is a Fimo armature for what I hope will be a few evil-looking tentacles trying to trap the two figures. I sculpted it onto regular armature wire, attached it with CA glue and 2-part epoxy, and carved back into it to whittle it down a bit. I will use green stuff to sculpt the final tentacles, maybe more wire if necessary.
      (Also, if you look closely, you can see the hole I drilled into the lava rock 'coral' for the nymert's pin. More of the lava rock drilled out than I wanted- it basically disintegrated- so I'll need something fairly sturdy to fill it when I'm ready for final assembly. Maybe Durham's. Or more 2-part epoxy or JB Weld.)
      And that's it! That's how far I've come. Next week I'm going to mount the hippocampus and the nymert, I think, even though painting will get trickier; I can't really finish the tentacles until I do.
      Fingers crossed....
    • By Sharkbelly
      Here is the last model in the force to be painted before break starts: the boar chariot. I believe I will make my deadline!

    • By Geoff Davis
      My last thread today, not trying to be a spammer.  Just for comparison to the base of the efreet I posted earlier.  
      The base is super fragile.  I made it using plaster, and I probably should have made it with epoxy or greenstuff. 
      I'm also not super happy with the way her eyes and the gems on her head turned out.  There is not enough contrast with her skin and hair.  I probably should have made the gems bright yellow or amber and used pure white for her eyes. 



    • By alchemist
      This sculpt is a lot of fun.  I've been meaning to paint him for a long time.

      I tried to do a kind of swirling water effect on the base, using Woodland Scenics Water Effects.  Not sure how well it shows in the photos.

      And of course, then I had to do this:
    • By Sharky
      So. I've had this thing since the mid-80s, and was always afraid (tee-hee) to do anything with it.

      However, with time (and inspired by Buglips' work on Ral, Lord of Balrogs), I have decided to ignore that fact that I have school and clinicals and take a swing at this silly thing.
      Silly, says I?
      Just look at it! It's a chariot made from a Balrog, pulled by two other Balrogs ("Yo, dawg, I hear you like Balrogs...") and a teeeny little guy perched on the back, desperately trying to pretend like he belongs there. God, I just LOVE this thing!
      Today, I cleaned off the parts and took inventory.

      Yep, all there. The metal looks like it's going bad, but it's really quite sound. I can already see a few items that I'm going to have to do extra before I get paint on this thing. First off, the Black Prince is supposed to be holding one of those heads, but said heads are kind of out of scale to him, and look really bad when he has one. I'm not sure what else to give him yet - maybe a shield. Second; the Balrog's wings fit OK, but will need some greenstuff work. Last of all, the chariot Balrog tends to drag his chin on the ground if I put the model together as is. I'll just run a small pin from his chin to the ground for better support, which will take his weight off of that cute little front wheel (hey, Black Prince, you get that off a shopping cart?).
      A little filing, pinning and gluing later - 

      Oops, missed some mold lines. Eh, I'll get them later.  Only the high-five Balrog is glued to the base at this point, as he won't stand on his own.
      I'm not too sure how regular I'll be with this WIP - this semester is absolutely brutal with added clinicals, so I may not be done for a looong time. Painting is a nice diversion and stress relief when I can do it, though. We'll see!
      Just for fun, here are a couple photos of the insert that came with the model. Get your Polly-S paints ready! (I still have a bunch ;)  ) 
      Spoilered to reduce some of the hugeness.
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