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This is a fresh start for a thread I feel I knocked off kilter.  I feel it may be justified in that I've finally started actually painting the creature.


This is Reaper's 14532: Aislinn, Shadow Tracker, a large werewolf (the base is a 40mm square) from the Koborlas faction in their Warlord game.  I had a request from a player for a werewolf who can shift genders and appear gender ambiguous, and this seemed a good place to start.  The sculpt is meant to be female, but it is lean and muscly and not over-bosomy.  I filed it down somewhat and off we go.


... I don't seem to have done my usual practice of documenting the priming (a light coat of thinned Titanium White and a wash of Burnt Umber on the creature only, leaving the base white for snow), so here is the first layer.  I decided to paint this one as a white wolf.  I've observed that "white" wolves are actually a creamy light brown, so that's how I've painted this one.  The color is mixed from Yellow (Iron) Oxide, Burnt Umber, a bit of Ultramarine Blue to tone down the brightness, and Titanium White.  It came out a sort of dull buff, a good blonde color.


The color is laid on thin and translucent.  Where the Burnt Umber underneath shows the color shifts to a sort of bluish shadow.





I indicated the nose, eyes, lips, and claws with Carbon Black.  I don't use pure black much, but I needed a little facial indication to work from.





Had a little blue on my palette, so I swished in some snow shadows.  These are two mixes: Phthalo Blue with a tiny bit of Hansa Yellow Opaque and a great deal of Titanium White; and Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.


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I just realized I didn't leave the base white.  I rinsed it with Burnt Umber, same as the figure, then painted Titanium White over that.  You can see some of the brown underneath in the first photos.


41 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:

You're sure painting a lot of Wolfy characters lately.


I approve!!!!


Yeah, werewolf games will do that ...

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I mixed a bright pink from Red Iron Oxide, Quinacridone Crimson, and Titanium White and painted the inside of Aislinn's mouth.



Then I painted the teeth, but looking at them I think I need to redo them and rethink where they are.



Lastly I mixed a series of dull buff colors from Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and Ultramarine Blue, to which I added increasing amounts of Titanium White, and brought up the fur and lights.





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I took some pure Carbon Black and (along with edging the base) painted Aislinn's toenails and all the areas which will be silver metal (and started touching up the mouth)






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I painted the eyes in a multi-step process.


First I laid color over the black eye sockets, using a pale mix of Yellow Oxide and Titanium White. 


I used the same mix to touch up the teeth.


In the eyes the undertones of warm soft yellows give extra oomph to the brighter, more transparent Hansa Yellow that I glazed over it. 


Then I added a thin wash of Burnt Umber because most of the white wolves I have seen have rather darker brown eyes (although I kept them more yellow here).


I also washed over the mouth with Burnt Umber to take down the brightness of the pink gums and the teeth, then went back in to highlight the teeth a little more with the same pale yellow mix.


Then I added a little black for the pupils and pure Titanium White for the highlights.





From the front the figure looks a little Moon-Moon-ish...



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I started washing some silver paint on the figure.  I also started touching up a few errors.


Frex, if you look at the right (upraised) arm between gauntlet and shoulder, you'll see there's a piece of armor I missed when I primed them black.  I've just swashed silver over the fur color (looking pretty pearly) and I will touch it up in a bit.


Also, I hit the left leg with a spot of black from an errant paintbrush.





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To tone the silver I washed over it with a thin transparent mixture of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue, skewed just a little to the blue side of dark grey.  You can see where I put it liberally over that right arm armor piece. This also acts as a liner in case I got any silver paint in the cracks.




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Then I took more pure silver and painted over the parts which should be brighter, such as the crescent moon motifs.  I also used it as a highlighter along edges and raised surfaces.







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I mixed a very pale buff by first toning down a little Burnt Sienna with a very small dab of Ultramarine Blue; then using a dab of that mix to tone down some Yellow Ochre; then using a small amount of that in a lot of Titanium White.


I used that to highlight Aislinn's musculature and fur (note some repair over the black spot on the left leg).









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I felt my shading was a bit crude, so I mixed a soft pale color from Raw Sienna, a little Burnt Umber, and a lot of Titanium White and went over the figure's contours, varying the color's lightness with additions of Titanium White.DSC_0932.jpg.96da5b3dd3e04f712cb1930701d9ae9e.jpg





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I painted what will be gold earrings with straight Red Oxide.  This has been the standard under-color for gold and gilding since the Middle Ages.  I also painted the bindings on the locks of hair.



Then I washed a bit of metallic gold over the earrings.


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I wanted to paint the leather straps like deerskin, which is a very soft pale leather almost the same color as this figure.


First I laid down some buff brown mixed from Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, and Titanium White, doing a sort of darklining with thinned-down Raw Umber for shadows.


(Oh, and I kept finding new rings I had missed painting silver.)





DSC_0968.jpg.4c118cfa6111862cff831abdc85496b1.jpg  DSC_0972.jpg.5cd6dffb324a972c5548d1f1248e5a9b.jpg


Then I mixed a pale yellow from Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White and highlighted the leather straps.

DSC_0980.jpg.6c8acbb6e92ddc23714c9f6d20851ccd.jpg  DSC_0977.jpg.e38f73a1114728af1db6cf4432eed2b1.jpg





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