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Hasslefree HFA161 "Rowen" as a slightly unhinged bodyguard


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I've no idea if this is one of Hasslefree's originals or one of their tributes to media characters.  At any rate, I'm painting her up as a slightly unnerving Russian bodyguard named Petra for a modern-day game.


Here's my standard priming:  A layer of thinned down Titanium White followed by a wash of thinned-down Burnt Umber.



I love all the little details Kevin of Hasslefree puts into his sculpts.  I especially love how plausibly backside-kicking his women warriors look.


Here are a couple of the in-between states of painting up her skin (which is to say her head, since she's wearing gloves).  I'm including them because they're messy, because sometimes people get worried when their painting doesn't look great at each step.  Don't ever be worried that things are looking messy!  Paint is made to smooth things over.


This first image shows a single thin layer of Titanium White mixed with Burnt Sienna sketched in leaving the darkest shadows.  This I find is when faces look their creepiest (Ignore the other two figures; they are for other WIPs).



This shows some shading developed with thin, translucent layers mixed with more or less Burnt Sienna.  Burnt Sienna is a warm orangeish brown which lightens into peachy tones which seem to work for generic white people's skin.  There's also some Burnt Umber in the deepest shadows.



Here I've washed a little Quinacridone Crimson on her cheeks (very thinned) and lips; slung some buff yellow mixed from Yellow (Iron) Oxide, Burnt Umber, and Titanium White on her hair; and done up pale, slightly staring eyes (Grey mixed from Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Titanium White) with a sort of dramatic dark eyeliner I've sometimes seen used by pale blondes.  The eyes look a little more disconcerting because I haven't put highlights in.  She has no eyebrows because she's so fair.



I also primed her guns black. 


I'm probably going to refine her features a little, especially around the hairline.  But she's okay for now.


I mixed up a blue for her jumpsuit, which I am trying to imply is shiny spandex.  It's a mix of Phthalocyanine Blue, Burnt Umber, and a little Titanium White (more white for the highlights, natch).  As with everything here, it's still rough. 





And there she is, a modern female mercenary begun ...

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