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Goth girl from "Wild In The Streets", adapted by Pingo to a life of intrigue


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Great job, I love the Goth look.


For dyed goth/punk hair, Reaper Surf Aqua is also a nice choice.


I would like to bring your attention to these minis from reaper, just remove the weapons and you got more Goths.








Alice is a fine goth girl, just kick that rabbit out..





One male.




Also look at Hasslefree for Witch Hazel and Sadie the hunter, the Not Buffy stuff.


Any Victorian Ladies might work too, since Goth fashion goes both in Punk like style as well as 18ct fashion style.


Thinking out of the box,with the right colours even Cinderella could become a nice Gothic lady.





And maybe this one?




If you like to add scenery I would definitley look at the Bones Dumpster, the Chronoscope Motorcycle and such.

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I hope you don't mind me flooding you with suggestions.


I like the subject, I'm a Metal fan and as such have attented many concerts/shows.

Including Gothic Metal.

Some girls wear the Gothic Lolita Style cloths, others are dressed in Victorian style dresses, mostly black, dark purple or dark reds.

Many Chronoscope and fairytale minis can fit the bill.


It all depends on the painting style, tinkering with hair colours, and maybe add a little skull,spider motif or some wicca symbols somewhere and these girls become Goth, Punk, Metal ladies.


You know...You might have just given me ideas..


So, a few more suggestions.

And I do think a few males would be in order, maybe as NPCś ?

To complete the scene.


These might work or at least one or two of them.




And with the right paintjob, maybe some small conversion:










Maybe over the top, but still...




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Though she's pretty much a Goth, the player requested that she be wearing mostly blue clothes.  I started by laying down a foundation of deep, dull blue mixed from Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue.  This is a color that looks blue when it is wet but sinks to near-black when it dries.



I laid in some medium blue mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White.  Ultramarine is a pure clear sky blue, just a little tinged to the violet end of the spectrum. 



Then I mixed some medium and pale blues from Phthalocyanine Blue and Titanium White and laid them in.  Phthalo Blue is an intense, strong peacock blue with a greenish cast.



I noodled a little more color on her green hand spider, but I didn't take separate pictures of that.


Then, because Phthalo Blue can overwhelm a composition, I glazed softly over her dress and boots with some pure Ultramarine Blue.  Ultramarine can get a little grainy looking in washes, but it is a lovely color and softens transitions.



I washed a little violet mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta on her corset, and added some white to it to paint the rosette on her right hip.  I also laid it in her hair as shadows and painted her hair more carefully, mostly with Quinacridone Magenta and Titanium White.







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I painted her base.  A simple wash of a soft transparent purplish-black mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna turned the plain brown base intensely black. (First layer shown here.  I added another one before the next step.)




Then I mixed some soft greys by adding Titanium White to the same mix and sloshed them around wetly until she had a ground and shadows under her.



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I mixed up a very dull violet from Ultramarine Blue and Red Iron Oxide.


You know those frustrating "red, yellow, and blue" paints they gave you in kindergarten that never could mix up proper colors?  That's because the blue was probably Ultramarine, which has a slight violet tinge which makes it impossible to mix anything but a muddy green, no matter how bright the yellow, and the red was probably Red Iron Oxide, an orangey brick-red that will never make a decent bright purple no matter what you do.


But they can mix to make a dull mauve that looks quite pretty in a naturally-colored environment.  I know I put some on the figure, but it's so subtle I'm not entirely sure where. 





The character has a green spider familiar named "Jadie."  I painted some thin black lines over the green to leave marks that look like spider legs.  I worked this out on paper beforehand.



DSC_0887-Wild-in-the-Streets-Goth-Girl.jpg.2900b9de1fd48eb54b4c3c83aab0d869.jpg  DSC_0886-Jadie-the-Spider.jpg.f1d3af6654058780f6265b50355b2e28.jpg


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A little glazing of a darker green on Jadie.  All my greens are based on Phthalocyanine Green, a pure transparent emerald.




I glazed a little Carbon Black on her tights, including covering a small blodge of red on the inside of her left knee.  Also blackened up the edge of her base some.






Did little bits of finishing here and there, including brightening up the spider.









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