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For my first ever WIP I thought I'd go for something simple.  Reaper's animal companion pack of goat, pig, and cow.  Got these half price at my FLGS a little while back.  They must have sat in their p

Thanks for the encouragement Cyradis.  I'll take it to heart.     And thanks also for your kind words lowlylowlycook, Pochi, Xherman1964.     Squeal.     And on th

Tonight I had some fun playing with the bases on my starting three.  First time using tufts.  Also out gloss varnish on the mud.  I think I'm calling these three done.     So do I

Posted Images

Inspiration pictures incoming...


doubt I can replicate the eyes but I'll give it a try.  I'm thinking black overall with white spot on the head, belly, and legs.


Mr. Goat will be named Gilligan.




How now, brown cow?  


I have named her Ms. McLeod




I want black spots on the pink pig.  Its name is Zappo.


16 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Go Go Go !!!


*** Prepares BBQ***


But I named them.  You can't eat them now! ::o:

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All three got some pure black tonight.  




Gilligan goat got the most attention after that.  I used spectral white to pick out the white bits on head, legs, and belly.  I also put some in his eyes.  From what I can tell in the pictures I've looked up, you can see a little of the white in the eyes of goats and pigs, but not really in cows.




Too tired for anything else tonight.

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You can get the goat eyes.... with a lot of patience, and a little bit of swearing. I am a fan of the "paint around what you want" idea for eyes. If you made the whole eye black, and went around the pupils with yellow, you could shape the pupils to an extent. Then toss on the goat-fur color around the yellow.

Warning on painting black: it is almost as difficult to paint as white, since you are limited in shading before it looks gray. I'd probably paint a medium-dark gray to start, then do heavier washes, and drybrush a little bit of gray/brown (drybrushing makes a rough texture but is kinda great on fur, especially for animals that likely rolled in dirt). 

So looking forward to seeing Gilligan, Ms. Mcleod, and Zappo! I am partial to goats, they're super cool critters. 


Edit: Posted before new photos went up. I like the work! But hey, ideas are ideas, so I'm not deleting :) 

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Thanks for the ideas Cyradis.  I may have made it harder on myself already by starting with pure black.  And white in the eyes already!  That's alright, though. I am going into this fully aware I will mess many things up.  I'll see what I can recover another time.  For now sleep calls... Painting, I mean counting, sheep...

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18 minutes ago, InvisibleThumb said:

Thanks for the ideas Cyradis.  I may have made it harder on myself already by starting with pure black.  And white in the eyes already!  That's alright, though. I am going into this fully aware I will mess many things up.  I'll see what I can recover another time.  For now sleep calls... Painting, I mean counting, sheep...


Oh don't go and call it a loss! The goat still looks pretty darn sweet. There are lots of ways to go about painting; those are just some of the ways I've dealt with things like this. If it bothers you, you can do overcoats of other colors. There is no way that is 100% right all the time, and everyone learns. Most figures are salvageable through mistakes. My common mistake is going and getting something like a sleeve cuff looking nice, and then mangling it by painting the skin next to it and spending hours on touch-ups later.
I can show you some of my early ones if you want to be amused and cringing at the same time. What can I say? I was 13, loved glossy paints for most purposes, using enamel paints, and likely a bit high on turpentine fumes. 

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Thanks for the encouragement Cyradis.  I'll take it to heart.  


And thanks also for your kind words lowlylowlycook, Pochi, Xherman1964.


On April 25, 2017 at 10:13 AM, Mehman said:

Oink oink oink ^_^!




And on that note, tonight's minimal progress involved a glaze of 3 parts "Caucasian skin" one part "garnet red" (both reaper paints) on Zappo.  


Ready for for your close up Zappo? 




No not that side?  Sorry.




There you go.  Zappo also received dots of "red shadow" that almost completely covered up he whites of its eyes.  


Oh and this happened



Meet Ceecee and Deedee.  Couple of chickens sneaking in late to the wip.  Primed white but not based.  The base is just there to make the photo possible.  


Stop drooling Xherman1964!

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Redundancy removed
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      Recently I painted a Crypt Lord and in the Show Off there was an introduction.
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      So here it is, it's from the Animal Companion Set sculpted by @TaleSpinner Reaper Sku 03719.
      I love your animal sculpts Andrew, they are a real pleasure to paint!
      Omar's son, Mehmet herded the goats but his mind was elsewhere, one of the goats wandered off without him noticing it.
      Our adventurous animal took off and found herself walking between the ancient ruins of a long dead civilization.
      When it entered a dark building it got scared and it bleated loudly, the sound echoed through the empty halls.
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      I've been busy sculpting the range of undead miniatures presented here over the last few months. They're predominantly 28mm sculpts, the Undead Heroes are larger at 32mm scale, to fit their powerful status. I consciously made them an eclectic bunch, including animals. My vision of the undead force is a terrifying mix of all forms of life, bent to the will of their masters. 
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      That'll do, Pig!

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      The Hog Wild Crew from the game Malifaux by Wyrd Games.
      Warning: I don’t play Malifaux, but I do love these minis. Apologies in advance about any in-game mistakes I might make here.
      These are the entire contents of the boxed set called “Hog Wild”. HIPS plastic miniatures, many pretty small parts and a bit fiddly, especially the bonus gremlin (to the left) that was included in the box. Even so, lovely minis with a great sense of both personality and movement.
      The Hog is called “Old Major” but I have done him up as the tyrant Napoleon from the Animal Farm animated film (1954) which is a film everybody should watch (or read the book by George Orwell).
      “Old Major”, incidentially, is also the name of the old hog who starts off Animal Farm by holding an inspirational speech shortly before he dies, a speech that inspires the revolt on the farm and the rise to power of Napoleon. But I found this model to be much more Napoleonesque than the wise Old Major…as some animals are more equal than others.
      Ulix is the Leprechaun-like beardo with the top hat, and as far as I can tell, the leader of the crew.
      Penelope the hound helps keep the rest in line. I did this one similar to a dog a friend of mine had many years ago.

      The three little pigs huge boars. Excellent models with heaps of animation and personality!
      Imagine one of these barreling out of the undergrowth, charging straight at your little, unprotected hunting party…


      And the bonus bayou gremlin, and extra included in the box with a sticker on the outside.
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      It all started with a D&D group forming.  That's when I started up the painting minis in June.  And having trouble finding figures that we felt represented our characters, I opted to have some fun and use some anthropomorphic Dark Sword critters.  Plus, I admit I was a little scared of doing human faces on my first go.

      What they represent in our game, from left to right -
      A Half Elf warlock, a Goliath warrior, an Elf swashbuckler, and a Dragonkin cleric of Talos.
      And the badger's weapon is a conversion because the original mace head broke off and my friend's character carried a glaive.  I bought one of the Reaper weapon packs and used a piece from that for the conversion.  I also got a surprise and found that I had already bought the badger a long time ago, so I had two!  So I painted both up and call them "The Brothers".
      I love their furry cloaks.
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