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Thanks for all the encouragement guys.


I used "green stuff" sculpting putty and formed that shape, pressed the Raven model and warlock model in, then used rocks I found outside to press into the putty for texture. Then just paint.


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4 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

That is one nice warlock! Love the gem on the staff and the freehand on the scroll.  And the rock texture on the base is very convincing.  I also appreciate the backstory.  The raven deserves a name.  How about "Pickins?"


Thanks! Pickins isn't a bad suggestion I may just use that during our next D&D session!

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1 hour ago, amuller33 said:

the basing WORKED!!! I loved the stone work... yes I am envious. Shading works just fine. The gemstones bag and scroll are nice little touches, Can we see the face?....its tough on this guy... I have painted him in bones... nightmare




Of everything on the model I was least pleased with the skin. I was trying to go for a very pale with a tinge of blue and after trying a few different things:

-first normal skin tone with a blue wash

-didn't like it so I tried to go over it with a very thin white to brighten and smooth

-didn't like that and did a flesh tone wash over it... things were going poorly at this point

-then added a very light blue and said well I guess that's as good as it's getting...


any tips on achieving a smooth light blue skin would be great.


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24 minutes ago, Evilhalfling said:

Light blue with many thin layers of white (mostly linen), being careful to leave blue around the edges inthe shadows, then bright white as a high light.


Thanks! Those look awesome. I'll have to try that out.

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