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Thanks!  Yeah, I'm happy to share colors if people ask.  I should probably save the step by step breakdown photos for the journal, but I'm happy to answer any questions if people have them!


I'm working with reaper paints.  For the skin I used a mix of colors to get a green I liked.  The main shadow tone is a 50/50 mix of Peacock Green and Marine Teal.  For the darkest shadows, I switched to a 50/50 mix of Peacock Green and Ritterlich Blue.  For the basic highlights, I used a 50/50 mix of Meadow Green and Surf Aqua.  Then I mixed in Ghost White for the top highlights.  I didn't have a true midtone, so I guess it'd be an even mix of my basic shadow and basic highlight mixes.  And, of course, the colors on the figure are various combinations of all those (going slowly from the darkest shadow to the brightest highlight with intermediate mixes).


I experimented a bit on my palette beforehand, but I ended up liking the mix of green and teal.  It shifted the green a bit more towards the blue-green but without going all the way there.  And, of course, you can adjust those mixes further.  Maybe you use 40/60 or 75/25, etc.  The result could be more green, more blue, whatever you want.  It might also be interesting to swap out the Ritterlich Blue for a dark purple like Burgundy Wine.  Plenty of combinations to explore!

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It looks amazing already!!!

Good work on the eyes.


Question, when stating the colours, I notice these are Reaper Paints?

Can you mention it, when paints are from other brands?

So we know ?

I use Reaper, Scale 75, Vallejo and sometimes GW and P3 myself.


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Thanks, everyone!


Xherman, yes, I try to make a note when I use paints from other brands.  For this guy it's going to be pretty much all Reaper.  I normally use Scale75 for metallics, but since I'm drawing inspiration from Warhammer's savage orcs, I'll be trying to avoid metal bits.  I might use some Scale75 inks for glazing, but that will be about it.


I did a tiny bit more work last night.  Took care of the bottom of the jaw and did the teeth.



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Thanks, everyone.  Here's an update.  After working on the head, I moved on to the left arm.  Still want to do some more color variation on the hand, but I'll probably spend some time working on the back first.  Just covering him one section at a time.


For comparison, I took out another orc I started painting last year but haven't finished yet.  I put them side by side on my painting station.  Different color palettes and sculpt styles, but similar painting approach to each. The earlier orc is the standard I'm trying to hold myself to, so I wanted to see how the new one stacked up.



And here's a closer look at the current project


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