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Zombicide: Green Horde


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Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/zombicide-green-horde/ 




Zombicide: Green Horde is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players that is both a standalone game, and fully compatible with Zombicide: Black Plague and its expansions! Players control a party of medieval fantasy survivors as they fight to rid the land of an invasion of zombie orcs controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, learn spells, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies rise to face them!




Zombicide: Green Horde expands upon the fantasy universe introduced by Zombicide: Black Plague. A new group of Survivors of different species will bring their unique expertise to the fight against the undead armies threatening to crush the kingdom. As they explore the ravaged villages, Survivors gather all manner of equipment to aid them in their quest. From swords, hammers, bows, and armor, to magic scrolls and flasks of dragon bile! All of that equipment is neatly displayed in each Survivor's plastic dashboard, with appropriate slots for each type of card, as well as trackers for wounds, skills, and experience.

Berin's Dashboard with a full inventory.


Some of the equipment in Green Horde have a special synergy with other equipment. For example, carrying a Norse Sword is certainly not bad at all. However, it will become a lot more effective, rolling 2 extra dice, if you also manage to equip a Norse Shield on your other hand!

The highly detailed Green Horde survivor miniatures.

The Survivors will need to be well prepared to deal with the new menace they'll face: Orc Zombies! When the black plague hit the orc tribes, it spread like wildfire, creating a swarm of undead brutes. Orc zombies are stronger than their human counterparts, being able to tear apart the most resilient of Survivors. An attack from an Orc Walker deals 2 wounds, while the attack of an Orc Fatty or Abomination deals a whopping 3 wounds! The little Goblin Runners only deal 1 Wound per attack, but they are fast and numerous, so don't judge them by their size. And finally, while the Orc Necromancer is not very deadly in itself, you'll want to eliminate it quickly, as its powers bring even more Orc Zombies onto the board. As lethal as the Orc Zombies are, probably the scariest thing about them is their ability to launch surprise attacks by unleashing an overwhelming horde against the Survivors. Every time an Orc Zombie spawn card is drawn, one extra zombie of the indicated type is added to a "Horde area" outside the board. As the game progresses, players will watch with dread as the looming threat of the horde grows in number, just out of sight. When an "Enter the Horde!" card is drawn, all miniatures in the Horde area are placed in the spawning Zone. The situation just got a lot more dire!

The imposing Orc Zombie miniatures.


To give them a fighting chance against the green horde, the Survivors have gotten their hands on a mighty trebuchet! This ingenious catapult can hurl all manner of payloads across great distances, striking powerful blows against the undead invaders. This siege engine is extremely difficult to operate, requiring 3 actions to either push it to the next zone, or to fire it against the enemy. However, the Trebuchet can fire at any zone in the game (and even against the looming Horde), with no regard to distance or line of sight. Survivors can also choose among 3 types of ammunition to use, from a scattershot that can decimate a swarm of Walkers, to a boulder that can kill an Abomination if aimed right!


The powerful Trebuchet makes for an amazing miniature.


Zombicide: Green Horde expands the action into the outskirts of the kingdom, where the villages blend with picturesque crops and hedges. The crops have withered in the abandoned villages, and some streets are flooded with the irrigation water, but these features create new challenges and opportunities for Survivors. Waterhole zones slow down the Survivors (and douse Dragon Fire), but some of their edges are steep ledges that Zombies are unable to climb out of, forcing them to make a detour while you run for safety. Hedges block line of sight, but not movement, allowing Survivors to play a dangerous game of hide and seek with the Zombies (however, you never know what might be waiting on the other side of a hedge).

Waterholes and Hedges on the new tiles.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Zombicide Black Plague is probably my family's favorite board game, although we don't get to play much. I'm not sure about jumping into this one though. I still have countless zombies and heroes to paint from Z:BP and lots of scenarios left to beat. I also don't know if playing an even harder version would go over too well with the kids. We still haven't touched Wulfsberg or played with the Deadeye Walkers and it's been plenty challenging. 


I'm so happy that I backed Black plague. It's a blast. This looks like a reskin. It'll take some convincing, and I don't think another 50 KS exclusives is going to tempt me. I'm up to my boxers in exclusives. It will come down to the actual core gameplay. 

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They showed the art for a walker, runner, fatty, one abomination and a few heroes. I'm sure the big aboms in the boss box will be monstrous. Here's the art for the normal one with another giant hand mutation. I'd kinda like to see one with a huge foot. Ol' Stompy!






I wish CMON would stop with the nipple rings. Although, the bone piercings through his shoulder are great. Much more savagely thematic than another nipple ring. What's next, mimics with tongue piercings? The rings in his arm are kinda neat though. 



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They certainly could be used in Pathfinder. These orcs and goblins will all be zombie versions with wounds and the like. They're very cartoony but that kinda works with Pathfinder. I'm not ashamed to admit that Pathfinder goblins are my absolute favorite. Just LOVE how quirky they are. Similarly, the fact that the Black Plague setting doesn't take itself too serious is one of the things that makes it such a blast to play. Serious dark-world settings are great, but being a Joss Whedon fan. I welcome a small side order of silly to go with my main order of "Please let us survive this!". :lol:







Oooooo... Now I want a not-Buffy fantasy hero and a Spike necromancer::P:


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On 2017-04-26 at 5:50 PM, CorallineAlgae said:

What's next, mimics with tongue piercings?


Hey look! This treasure chest has cool skull and tribal tattoos! There must be something wicked inside. -Famous last words.



I also hope they introduce some new game altering rules or mechanics. Hoping for new decks of weapons, equipment, and spells too. All teired to your experience range would be nice. I think only Wolfsburg has weapons you can only use in the higher xp range. I'm still jumping in anyway though. It's always worth it.

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New monster types/abilities will get me to pledge. The game is solid, but adding variety is always a good thing. The same goes for new terrain features that have an impact on the game. Also, variety of quests with new goal types...maybe even campaign ideas for stringing them together for some reason.


Also, new survivors are unlikely to get me. The KS exclusive model has become tiresome. In theory, they could offer something to make me change my mind on that, but it is unlikely.

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I'm lucky that I previously talked one of my gaming buddies into backing the original and he's going to snag this too, so I can enjoy the ride with no financial stress and then paint up, like I'm presently doing, the few minis that really interest me.  Bring on the show!!

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