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Demon Hunters: S.O.L. Webseries (From the people who brought us The Gamers, and Journeyquest)

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Fighting Evil. Saving the World. Punching the Clock. An anthology horror comedy series from the team who brought you THE GAMERS.


Picture Men In Black with demons, and the wonderful humour we have come to love from their other projects.


The first episode is done, and can be viewed here:


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Top Posters In This Topic

We're about half-way through the campaign, and the creator has said in the comments that every roughly $7000 over the goal will get us an additional episode!  (While we did know additional episodes were stretch goals, we didn't know how much roughly each stretch goal would me.)


So if you were delaying hopping on board, please join us, and get the project funded so we can start in on stretch goal announcements, and generate some excitement and speculation :)


Update 4 has a fun fan story in it to read:




Update 5:




Live streams with the creators this week!


Update 6:



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