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New Painter... Already Obsessed


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Dude! For first paint jobs you're rockin' it! 


Welcome to the forums. Most of us don't bite. I won't say who does and who doesn't. Seriously, this is the nicest forum I've ever been part of. It is nicer than my own Facebook feed (probably due to the pleasant lack of politics here). Nicer than the World of Warcraft forums ever were. All good peoples from what I can tell. 


Ask/contribute away here!


May your obsession bring you much joy, and pretty pictures of minis for the rest of us ::D:

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For the mummy, try an ochre color. I use Army Painter's Skeleton Bone, but Reaper should have an ochre to use.


Fiddle around with washes. Army Painter's brown Strong Tone Ink (in the eye dropper) is a good start for undead and unhygenic orcs!

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Welcome! The orc especially looks great, I like the skin tone you achieved, and the chainmail with a bit of rust. All he's missing is the eyes - I think you should go for it. The great thing about paint is you can always cover up your mistakes.

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Welcome to the Forum!


Your first paint jobs are very good!

Way better than my first ones...


You'll get better and better when you stick around and ask advice.

Make a WIP for the next ones and you'll notice people will help you where you need it.

Also I recommend browsing this Forum and looking at Youtube videos ( search for Painting Fantasy Miniatures).


Reaper likes you to make separate Show Off threads for minis.

So give the next batch their own threads, and take more pics from different angles.


The most important thing however is to feed the Wolves Have Fun!!!


If you see someone posting in purple, that is meant as a joke/sarcasm/irony etc..


Stick around!


And don't forget to throw some Bacon at the Wolves!!!

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Thanks for the comments everyone! Nothing like a little positive reinforcement to get you psyched up for more painting!



It also looks like you carefully edged or blacklined the colors on the orc. Was this a technique described in the kit? (I've been thinking about buying one for my significant other...)


The black edges you are seeing is the black wash that I used. I found that really covering the figure well in wash gives great shadows to the figure, then going back over everything with a dry brush of the base coat color returns everything to the lighter shade other than those deep recesses where the shadows should be. All of this is covered in the first part of the kit instructions when detailing the painting of the Skeleton Archer. Personally, I'm so glad I got the kit. I feel like it got me off to a good start:) Highly recommended!

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    • By knarthex
      So I found these guys at the last NEMPA paint day a I attended a few years back, and decided to paint them up...
      I have many other orcs from this line, but not these guys...
      I even have the Polly S Armor Dark Green paint I used on the others back in High School!
      (I,m class of 1981)

      and a close up

      So all you Partha lovers chime in with comments and critiques!
      The Drow
    • By MiniPainterDMan89
      Hello All,
      Here is a "Dust King and Crypt" miniature set I completed a few weeks ago.   
      Thank you for looking.

    • By vulture
      Last year was my best painting year since 2013! I averaged one per week. Despite the enthusiasm with a brush, I have been less engaged with the community than ever.  I paint 'em, and then they go to a cabinet never to be seen by another person.
      Naturally a good number of the pieces I have completed over the year are reaper miniatures, so I'm happy to share a selection of things I have done here.
      The undead are fun to knock out, and this Minotaur was no exception. They are so forgiving to rough paintwork that they are especially relaxing for brief sessions. Nothing fancy here, but I like it. The weapons on the base come from the reaper sprue from a prior KS.

    • By DragonWyrm
      I tried out to a different approach to quick batch painting. I already have a lot of undead painted and I didn't really want to spend too much time on the skeletons. So to do them quickly I undercoated them in a dark brown paint, dry brushed them with Titanium Buff and the glazed on colours. Transparent Yellow Oxide was mixed with some Burnt Umber for the bones. 
      The Results
      Ahh My Love...: 
      The yellow coat required some normal painting to get it he right colour. I love how it came out. I also decided to paint the compass needles.

      Where Is My Booty!:
      I did some basic OSL on this figure. It looks better in real life than what came up on the photo since the centre of the lantern is bright yellow and the glow is green(the lighting was wrong when I took them and the phone autocorrected them to dark, amusingly enough the clock colour is quite close to what it is in real life)

      Diggy Hole: 
      I like the colour of the treasurer's shirt. It a really bright teal. Sadly the auto correction has darkened the photo considerably and I seem to have misplaced the picture of the back

      Being Dead Doesn't Stop Drunks!:
      This where fun to paint. I choose to do as many colours as I could on the drunken pair.

      Has Someone Seen His Hand?:
      I choose not to use any metallic paints when painting these figures. I considered doing rust on the weapons, but decided against it since the sculpts of the weapons showed them to be in such great condition. I consider the pirates to be raised from the moment they died and be programmed to always polish their weapons (at sea they would get damaged quickly other ways).

      Has Anyone Seen His Leg?:
      The peg leg could have been a better colour but it is not something that I wanted to draw attention to so it can be how I left it (minimal details and same colour as boot).

      Anchor Of The Damned!:
      The anchor used my favourite rust painting method. Do a base coat of the desired undercoat (in this case a really dark warm brown). Then use paints consisting of real rust! Red Iron Oxide wash/layer (wash has a nice effect where the colour gathers in the places rust would, and if it is the correct consistency a sufficient amount would be left in other areas you painted). Then highlight with Yellow Ochre (whose pigment is Earth that has a large content of Yellow Iron Oxide. You could substitute for Yellow Iron Oxide or Golden Ochre if you want rust that is brighter). 

      I like how there are two round pieces under the broken arm bone of the bottom skeleton. You could leave them as rock but I chose to paint them as Two Pieces of Eight.

    • By Kalibak
      Some questions about the Bones 5 Learn To Paint Kit:
      1. The box says the figures in it are Bones, but those figures were all Bones Black in the Kickstarter. So is that a typo?
      2. Is there any new information in here that wasn’t in the previous kits or is it just a repeat of those lessons?
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