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NIcely done. I actually need some beds to populate a mansion, totally spaced there was some in Bones.


Love the pig too!!


Curious, to make a double bed, could easily hack off 2 of the posts on each & stick em side by side?

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6 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

You knocked those beds out of the park.  Be careful if you put them in a dungeon though.  I can see players struggling with how to remove and carry the beds off as loot they look so good!  


Clearly, your players aren't pyromaniacs. I've seen mine light *each other* on fire. On purpose. 


But my players would probably feel bad about taking beds as fine as these and using them for kindling. ;) 

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7 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:

Nice work. Three beds that I might want to sleep in were I very small and a bed where somebody died. (That yellow bed .... ::P:)


And that's some pig. ::D:



I can can tell I painted the Red bed sheets 1st, the blue 2nd, the green 3rd and the yellow last. I was clearly running out of foxes to give at that point. 


Also in a dungeon someone has to have a grubby nasty looking bed. 


@haldir - yes, Andy designed them so they can stack on top of each other. It works pretty well.

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