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Gryphon with rider


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Thanks everyone!


4 hours ago, Citrine said:

I love the black feathers and the ocelot pattern!


2 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

The patterns are excellent!


This is the first time I've attempted a natural pattern like that. A few things I noticed are:

  • Patterns on animals are more complex than I expected, once you really look at them carefully.
  • Patterns like this are very forgiving compared with freehanding human-made things like patterned cloth, since they are so random.
  • It really adds a lot to the look.

So it's quite a big payoff for a fairly low degree of difficulty.

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6 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

That is the most rad halfling ever. Not too many halflings lucky enough to have such a fancy gryphon to ride! Nice work ::D:


He is definitely the most rad halfling ever, and not just because he's my PC. 

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6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's an amazing conversion and the paint job just kicks it up another notch; very nicely done!


Thanks! I have been using conversions and basing to practice my sculpting. I would like to slowly work up to the point where I can sculpt decent humanoid figures.

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     So cool! I loved watching the work you did on sculpting the saddle. Awesome stuff! I also like how you didn't go the traditional route with the Gryphon color scheme. Really unique and interesting. I especially like the patterns you were able to achieve on the wings!

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27 minutes ago, WhatsEcstacy said:

     So cool! I loved watching the work you did on sculpting the saddle. Awesome stuff! I also like how you didn't go the traditional route with the Gryphon color scheme. Really unique and interesting. I especially like the patterns you were able to achieve on the wings!


Thanks, I hope I left enough detail that others can try it too. I was inspired by a poster on something awful (I can't find the link right now) who bought a cheap little bird from a craft store - I think it was a 1:1 scale chickadee - and sculpted the most amazing saddle and armor for the bird and mounted a dwarf on top. Mine wasn't quite so elaborate as that one, but I got a lot of ideas from it.

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    • By Jeepnewbie
      Been a while. Working on some new characters for our campaign. Here is our halfling bard. 

    • By Laoke
      Hi!  You might remember me from such threads as Bones - will they blend? & Painting with numbers the Laoke Way.  I've been away from the paintbrush for a bit, as it's summer here in The Land Of The Future, but recently one of my wife's best friends spawned a delightful little halfling which the doting parental units decided to name Peregrine.

      I know.  Cute as a button!  Anyways, as a gift to the little sprogling, she decided to paint up a figure for him - and, while she was at it, she painted up one for our collection at the same time!

      77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger
      This is the one she painted up for us.  I love the freehand on this one!  The face is a bit naff from this angle and with the lighting being as basic as it is, but it's much better in person.

      89012: Lem, Iconic Bard
      And here we have Peregrine in all his diminutive glory!  She's really happy with the way the face came out on him, and I have to agree - the cloak is also pretty amazeballs!

    • By ryc03
      A practice piece to get my painting mood back before the BONES 3 items arrive next month. So far I have only painted 5-6 ish miniatures, and have been staying with creatures mostly (no particular reason other than thinking that they are probably easier to get a satisfying result)
      The head was done in light grey primer followed by white dry-brush and a light brown wash, but the white paint was too wet and the grey completely disappeared. the light brown wash only partially salvaged it.
      But at least it get me back into the mood to painting. Next is an anime girl resin kit. Don't ask.





    • By Pragma
      I play a pathfinder game with my wife, where my character is a halfling druid. Recently he found a magic egg that hatched into a gryphon. So naturally I now need a mini of a halfling riding a gryphon.
      For the rider, I chose 77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger. He has a bow and a sword and a cloak, just like my character. He has a nice wide stance that will make it easier to put him on a saddle. And he is in a heroic pose that makes it look like he is about to lead a charge.

      The first step is getting the main shape of the saddle in sculpey on top of the gryphon (77157: Griffon). I pressed the rider into the saddle to make sure he would fit the way I want. It makes the top of the saddle look weird, but it will be covered by the rider.

      And here he is on top:

      As a next step, I need to bake the saddle. Then I will start adding straps, stirrups, maybe a bridle and reins. There is a bunch more converting to do before I start painting.
      So, has anyone attempted this sort of thing before? I searched online but I only found one example. It seems like it should be the kind of thing people have tried before, and I'd love to know what works and what doesn't.
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      77217: Mi-Sher
      77218: Woody Stumpwimple, Halfling Ranger
      77223: Kristianna
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      77079: Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin
      77070: Aviriel Tellerion, Female Elf
      89012: Lem, Iconic Bard
      77078: Astrid, Female Bard
      89006: Seoni, Iconic Sorceress 
      77164: Elliwyn Heatherlark, Gnome Bard

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