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WIP: Adventuring party

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My neighbor is DMing a new pathfinder campaign soon, so I have taken it upon myself to make minis for the party. Our first game is tentatively on Tuesday, so it may be a short-lived WIP. The characters are: 


Dirk, the flaxen-haired and violet-eyed elf fighter. He's not too bright, but that doesn't bother him, he's just here to fight bad guys. A seventh son from the elven kingdom, he will be dressed in rich reds and gold.


A'con, a fighter with anger issues. She comes from the forest kingdom, and will be dressed in bright gold and deep emerald green.


Ani, the ego-driven bard and A'con's sister. She's convinced that she can do anything better than anyone else. Her favorite color is orange, so I think she will be dressed in a bright orange vest.


Cathal, the dwarf cleric. I honestly don't know much about this character. So I'm just going to wing it.


Varian, the spell thief. He is laying low after stealing from the wrong wizard. I am going with a red/purple/blue color scheme for him.



We also possible have a sixth character, a half-halfling half-giant. He's been described as having the appearance and proportions of a halfling, but the size of a human. I am honestly completely at a loss for what to do. Any suggestions? I am looking through my many minis from the first two bones kickstarters, but nothing has jumped out at me yet.

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25 minutes ago, Loim said:

Very nice.




Next I am getting started on a base. I am using a technique I learned via James Wappel that I used recently for basing the bones anti paladin. First I sculpt a big base (3 inch diameter) out of sculpey. In this case I used the sigil of the mercenary company that our party finds themselves part of at the opening of the campaign. Next I will break it into 7 pieces that will fit on 1-inch bases.


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11 minutes ago, Loim said:

You need to do a WIP of the base making. Also loving this WIP.


Don't worry, I've got you covered! Let me know if there are any steps you'd like to hear more detail about.


First here is a picture that explains the process a little bit:


  1. I rolled out a flat disk of sculpey, and cut it out using a 3 inch circle like you would cut cookies with a cookie cutter. I think the piece of plastic I use is the plastic lid from a pringles tin, but I use it as a temporary palette.
  2. I drew the logo I wanted (upper left)
  3. I traced the design out onto some parchment paper (upper right)
  4. On another thin sheet of sculpey I transferred the image from the tracing paper to the sculpey by poking tiny holes into the parchment paper with a pin tool, so the holes also go into the sculpey below.
  5. I cut out the outline of the ring and fist in the thin sheet sculpey and blended them into the thicker disk.
  6. I also added the stonework pattern to the edges at this point.
  7. Bake
  8. Break the disk into seven pieces (bottom right). This is the hardest part: deliberately breaking something you have spent all morning sculpting. Have courage.

Next I prime with gesso, and finally I will attach the figures and attach them to the round bases in the pattern you see on the bottom left.

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Here is the base primed and quickly drybrushed with a little gesso. I may go over it more later.


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2 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

Very cool.  Thanks for walking through the base making.  Any particular reason you broke it into seven pieces?  


You mean because there are only 6 people in the party? It was just because a circle breaks up very naturally into 7 pieces (like on the bottom right in the picture) and I liked the aesthetic. We may have different players drop in, I don't know. I might use the extra one for an important NPC at some point.

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Thanks for the support! I think if I have enough time tonight I can get these done in time for the game. Lucky for me I paint faster than I post.


Everybody now has at least a base coat.


I am liking the way the blue/orange contrast works on her. I still have to do the flesh tones and shade the hair. I will also do a pass of metallic silver for her buckles and sword. I am debating whether to make the flute silver too, or to do it slightly differently. Thoughts? She could use another pop of color.



I think the emerald green works pretty well against the gold. The gold itself seems a little too dark, I might have to go over it again. But I'm not sure if you can do glazes with metallics, and I'm a little worried about carrying out the experiment at this point.



I just sort of randomly started throwing down colors for our dwarf. I kind of like the blue fur (perhaps he slew a vicious cookie monster?), but it isn't providing much contrast with the bluish steel of his armor. Any ideas on what might work better than blue for the fur? It might be worth going to nature for inspiration. Also I am very tempted to weapon swap that stupid backwards hammer. I'll probably ask the player for suggestions.



Dirk is looking handsome as ever, he is going to be decked out in gold. I am looking forward to painting those flaxen flowing locks.



And Varian. Lots of shading to do on those robes, and I think I might give him a ravenclaw scarf just for fun. Also pondering what to do for the levitating part, perhaps a light blue glow with some OSL coming from the bottom.



I'm pretty happy with the basic looks so far. Next up is some flesh wash on the skin areas, and lots more shading. I should paint minis in groups more often, it's really handy to be able to assembly line through and do all the skin at once, all the metal at once etc.

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I agree with you about the orange and blue. Orange, blue, and white suits her very well! Nothing wrong with a silver flute, but you could embellish it with tiny bits of freehand stuff, or make it brass perhaps. Could even do a wood-flute, yeah? I am not an expert on making non-textured stuff look like wood though *shrug* 

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7 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

I agree with you about the orange and blue. Orange, blue, and white suits her very well! Nothing wrong with a silver flute, but you could embellish it with tiny bits of freehand stuff, or make it brass perhaps. Could even do a wood-flute, yeah? I am not an expert on making non-textured stuff look like wood though *shrug* 


Good idea. Brass would stand out nicely, perhaps I will give that a try! Wood grain is also a nice suggestion. I've done it before though I wouldn't call myself an expert either.


We also decided on Friar Stone for the Rovert the doubling (the half-halfling half-giant). I think he will work pretty well, he does kind of look like a plump little hobbit blown up in size. I may have to give him some slightly pointy ears. But I don't think this one will be done by tomorrow night.

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I have been having trouble transferring pictures from my camera, but the party is nearly done, and I still have a little bit of time for last minute touch ups. I will try wrestling with the camera again tonight.

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