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    • By HenryRequiem
      One of the most amazing discoveries I did during Reapercon 16 is that one of our beloved painters is covering the Overwatch Soldier 76 collector statue with glorious reaper paint and the current result (with just about 10% of the figure complete) is glorious. won;t post pictures because I begged her to post some in progress shots, but I was amazed by it! 
      Which got me thinking, are there any other Overwatch players over here? If you are interested in playing with other Reaper folks please include your blizzard id and any preference for role/time. Not sure we can do organized play (we should be painting!) but at least we can have some new friends on our list! 
      So, me first! 
      Platform: PC 
      Lvl 82 
      Have mic, but rarely use it on Quick Play 
      I literally play every character except for Widowmaker (I can't aim to save my life), so I'm usually good at filling holes on team composition. On QP I let the system pick the character for me as practice with random characters. The ones I'm more effective with /pick when I'm interested in winning are Reinhardt or Junkrat. I do play a good enough support as well when no one does.
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