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Talisman 4th Edition Minstrel

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Heh.  As soon as I saw this headline I could bring the old image of the Talisman minstrel to mind.  We played a lot of Talisman.


O' course, that was in the old days when all we had were cardboard rectangles in plastic holders.


Nice to see he still has the same silly ol' prancing posture.


And this really is a cute and funny and silly, cleanly painted figure.

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      Up next is Cad Bane. However, first some bonus Battle Droids. These guys painted up very quickly.

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      Vader and a squad of Stormtroopers are next up. The STs have had a wash to create some depth and a heavy dry brush. Vader was primed black and has had some light dry brushing and a little detail work.

    • By woj1s
      Hello friends!
      My son and I play Talisman 4th edition all the time. I'ts his favorite game. The figures that come with the game aren't the greatest sculpts. With the Talisman board game having some great themed art i've wanted to get some cool Reaper Bones figures as replacements, paint them up and base them for the game.
      I've searched Reapers database to find figures that matched the likenesses of the miniatures that come with the game and the art on each character card. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to go with the strictly Bones route. There are some figures in the Dark Heaven Legends line that fit better.
      The attached is what i've come up with so far. I've included a photo of the original character cards and another photo of the corresponding Reaper figures that i've been thinking about.

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      So, Mr. Mouse joined me in speed painting some of my Imperial Assault Stormtroopers. 
      Mr. Mouse's batch

      Pretty impressive, given he's only painted about 2 minis before, and we only spent 2 hours tonight.
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      Mr. Mouse was awesome to spend time painting with me! 
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      This was painted as my gift to @Talae for the Summer Exchange 2017.  The criteria of interest was steampunk or water, with a demonstration of NMM.  The Automaton fit the NMM criteria well, and is mostly steampunk, so I ran with in.
      The orange parts are supposed to be copper.   This is the first time I've tried a NMM copper and used a Scale75 NMM set.  Thoughts?
      Comments and Critiques welcome.


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