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Machu Picchu Dice | Vol.2 - World's First 4 Elements Dice


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About this project


The Machu Picchu Vol.2 are... the best kind of weird :D. 

They are:

  • the world's first 4 elements dice :3
  • a blend between 3 kinds of awesome craftsmanship,
  • a symbol for a truly fascinating corner of the world.                 

This way, something as simple as a dice design becomes an opportunity to create something incredibly unique. We feel confident to say there's really nothing quite like them.


 Choose between ANY of our AWESOME designs and wood types :o



They might remind you of the classic dice design, yet they are not. We take on the classic forms and transform them into something bold and new.



'Apu' is quechua for 'mountain-god'. We wanted something simple, that would take inspiration of elements and forms found in the Inca culture and its landscape, and give back something different and beautiful.



For these, we use gorgeous iconography from the annual calendar of the Incas, as well as the chakana (Inca’s symbol for the Tree of Life). A masterpiece.



Inspired by 'Pachamama', the inca goddess known as the mother of earth and time, this beautiful design embraces and evolves upon traditional iconography from the Andes.




Last campaign was amazing. We are immensely grateful to everyone who: first believed in us, then gave us such heart whelming comments and feedback, and finally... encouraged us to come back :) We owed it to them to do it right! 

DOPE feedback from our 1st campaign! :) DOPE feedback from our 1st campaign! :)

So... we tested, tested and then tested some more. We tried many new materials and toolings. We've been hopeful and discouraged... excited and depressed... jumping around and flat on the floor.. Until (finally!)...





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