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Blacktongue, Knarthex Hangout Mini of the Month for May

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So, It's May the First, Time for a new Hangout Mini!

Continuing in our theme of Building a Frostgrave Warband,

This Month, our mini is Blacktongue, Gnoll Ranger, 03190 in metal, 77104 in bones.


Now I have 20+ of the Old Ral Partha Gnolls in 25mm, so this guy, being much bigger than them, will be a Flind from Fiend  Folio...

On the other hand, I painted the first of my Partha Gnolls using Ral Partha Mane Yellow, so this guy needs to be different....

Going back to MMI, Gnolls have a Green Grey Fur, so I decided that I would use SC75 Field Grey 38 50% with SC75 SS Camo Shade, mixed with some Nacre mixed 50% with the aforementioned mix as my base coat, as I now tend to paint 'Dark to Light'....

So here he is with the first basecoat...


Even though I am doing the metal version, the way his left arm fit into the ball and socket at the elbow, looked best in more the bones pose than the metal.....


So Thanks for looking!

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Top Posters In This Topic

So looked at Reference pics, and not sure yet....

may do spots on arms and back / neck and stripes on legs just to be 'fantastic'....

But he got a dilute black wash tonight... 

as I was busy airbrushing the dragon....


Thanks for taking a peek!

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So after drybrushing him with a 50%mix of SC Field Grey and SS Camo Highlight, combined 50% with Nacar, then a mix of SC Field Grey and SS Camo Highlight 1-2, mixed 50% with Nacar, I then drybrushed some Polly S Wer-Flesh, followed by Polly S Yellow Gray.

He then got an overall wash of 50% Agrax Earthshade....





Moar drybrushing next...

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So moar drybrushing.... 50%mix of SC Field Grey and SS Camo Highlight, combined 50% with Nacar, then a mix of SC Field Grey and SS Camo Highlight 1-2, mixed 50% with Nacar, I then drybrushed some Polly S Wer-Flesh, then wer-flesh with Nacar 50% followed by Polly S Yellow Gray, then Yellow grey Mixed with Nacar 50%....

Then Dullcote over everything to try and protect the drybrushing from the inevitable oopsies...


So I basically built up my layers again, after the wash....

thanks for looking!

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2 minutes ago, Gargs said:

I love me some gnolls, always been among my favorites.  Really liking what you've done so far!


Not really in the mood to hobby tonight, to much stress and to little time, but I added GW Bubonic Brown to his irises, and Monster mouth (SC 75 Pink Flesh to his mouth...


hit submit before adding pics...


Edited by knarthex
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So did so stuff....

So his face and the exposed skin was done with VMC German Camo Black Brown

Leathers with SC 75 Brown Leather... (Should have used a 50% mix of Black Leather and Brown Leather....)

Armor with SC 75 Decayed Metal






time to Paint!

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So moar work tonight,

GW Snakebite leather on the kilt

Sc 75 Black metal on the rest of the armor i missed on the first go round

SC 75 Black Leather and Brown Leather 50% on all the belts

Sc 75 Victorian Brass dry brushed on the chainmail

VMA Leather Brown, Saddle Brown, and SC75 Graphite (1/1/1) on his mane (MM1 says Gnolls manes are red grey, to dull yellow ...)

SC75 Thar Brown on the bow stave...





C&C welcome, and thanks for looking!

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