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Adventuring Party # 2, my next 4 mini's

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Excellent work! I really like the deep red and black robes on the Mage, especially where the gold thread comes into play on his back. Of course, I always love really dark red so there's that, too. The inverted crystal on his staff looks like it has been powered and is ready to roast something - a gobbo, maybe :devil:?


The dwarf clerics are great, as well. The one with the staff looks like he's about to smite somebody ^_^! The dwarf armed with halberd, on the other hand, appears to be keeping Evil away from the group with his book of holy rites. Very nice. I might be a bit biased about the clerics, though.


Then the bounty hunter (huntress?) looks amazing with the purple top and that brown shade for her leather armour. We both own the same model it seems. I'll make sure to paint her soon so that they can be sisters or something!


Oh yeah, your freehanding looks spot on! Great additions!

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2 hours ago, hosercanadian said:

I really like the dwarf with the book, do you have a product number for that one or is it a non-Reaper?


That would be  02601: Dwarf Cleric, Grayrune.


I'd have to echo everyone else and say the freehand text is really well done! You generated a lot of extra interest with it by including pictures and maps. I'm impressed with how much it actually looks like script and not just random scribbles (especially the warlock's scroll). I'd love to hear about your method if you could try to describe it!

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Sure thing, so I paint the mini text using a magnifier and a small brush like a 20 or 30, but you can use a larger brush so long as the point is fine.

I prefer the smaller brush because I hold it by the metal ferrule when painting the text, whereas I normally use the brush handle for normal painting.

I feel like I have better control with the smaller brush, the downside is the paint dries on it rather fast.

I hold the brush like I would if I were using it to write, then I basically try to write in cursive. Hmm I guess learning that in grade school actually was useful.

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Excellent paint jobs on them!!


The only thing I can add would be to work on the basing a little bit; some flock and/or static grass, and a little bit of dirt would really bring them to life.

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