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If you didn't mention that it was just your 4th figure, we wouldn't have known! The eyes are certainly more distinct/less buggy than what I was doing on my 4th figure. I'll see if I can dig up my old ones soon for photos; I have their undersides labeled by number. 


You're doing well and improving steadily. Great work :) 

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Looks good to me. Nice shading on the cloak, and good work on the eyes.



I think it takes most people (even ones with experience) to get the eyes right on every mini. Why I do like the Betty Davis eyes technique. Even if I am not painting the eyes bigger, or leave them with a heavy koal outline, it's better to do the eyes before doing the rest of the face. That way you can screw up a billion times and not have to worry about the paint job you actually liked (for once) on the rest of the face. 


I think you're being a little hard on yourself, and she looks great. Especially for your 4th mini. 

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The only thing I would suggest would be to highlight the edges of the gem she is holding. As it sits now, it just looks like a red rock. If you take white and just barely skim along the hard edges, it would define it as a gem.


Everything else looks really nice. Your shading is very good as are your color choices., You are even getting in there and adding all of the facial elements that give your character an expression! Nice mini!

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Thanks for all the encouragement! I feel like I have learned a lot in the last two weeks on intense mini painting.  I like the idea of the Bette Davis eyes, but I don't think I have the brush control yet.  Plus I feel like my brush points are not nearly as fine as they are in the pictures and I am still figuring out how to actually "paint" properly and the best techniques for the best results.  I have nice Kolinksy sable brushes that I am still trying to figure out how to utilize properly.  I abused synthetic brushes at first, but I am very careful with the sable ones.  I've been learning a bit about thinning, and brush usage with each mini I've painted.

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  • Artists

I think she looks great! The shading and highlighting on the cloak is especially nice. And while it may not feel that way to you, it looks like you've been very clean and precise painting the details. You have to remember when looking at other people's miniatures that they've painted very many more than four! So it's not fair to yourself to compare everyone else's painted eyes and think you're terrible.

Brush control can take a while to develop, and that's after you've gotten through the stage of working out the difference in how to handle synthetic versus sable brushes. I have figures where I'll still have to fuss with the eyes for 30+ minutes, and some took much longer than that in the beginning. 

I don't get into eyes a ton in the two learn to paint kits because the idea is to get people excited about the overall fun of miniature painting, plus the brushes we can put in the kits are not super conducive to detail. (Though I do not cheat on the pictures I take - I paint the sample figures with the same brushes! But I have a few years of experience under my belt.)

One thing I might recommend is to start with the eyes. Then it doesn't matter if you're a little messy and get eye liner down the cheek. I often start with the eyes like so - paint the whites (usually with linen white or otherwise slightly off-white), add a dot for the pupil/iris. If you can't add a dot, paint a line, then come back in with the whites colour and clean up the edges. Then do the eyeliner. Then trim the eyeliner back by applying your flesh basecoat. Using this method, I only have to worry about being precise with one side of my line. (So I'm trying to get my eyeliner perfect where it meets the whites of the eyes, but I don't care if it goes all over the nose or whatever.) Another tip is to paint eyes looking off to the side. This is both often more interesting to the story of the figure, and also easier to do than trying to get two pupil/irises centered.

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I like the tip about painting eyes looking off to to the side! My LTPK: Layer Up is on the way and I'm super excited to start tackling eyes and human skin tones. I think your gnome looks great Baldur! The shadows and highlights on the cloak are really nice and I think your eyes turned out great!

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4 hours ago, Wren said:

I think she looks great! The shading and highlighting on the cloak is especially nice. And while it may not feel that way to you, it looks like you've been very clean and precise painting the details. You have to remember when looking at other people's miniatures that they've painted very many more than four! So it's not fair to yourself to compare everyone else's painted eyes and think you're terrible.


Thank you so much for your praise! I really love the LTPK that I got, it has really taught me a lot and the instructions are very precise which has helped me learn how to do techniques that I thought were so much more complicated. From now on I am definitely doing eyes first.  I had to reapply flesh tone around her face several times to cover up my mistakes so in the future ill make sure that's done before anything else.  I grow happier with it the more I look at it and I know I need to be less critical of myself having such limited experience, it's just so hard lol. Thank you again, I hope I did credit to your own hard work developing the kits!

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10 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

I think you're off to a great start; she looks a LOT better than my 4th (or probably even 40th) figure.

Keep up the good work!:winkthumbs:


10 hours ago, Pingo said:

She does look good, especially given how tiny she is.  If you hadn't said this was your fourth mini I would not have guessed.


Thanks again everyone for the great comments! I will now stop counting my mini's lol.

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