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  •  We have finished awesome models to start our new line MYTHEXPLORES and we need your helpt to you can enjoy them fast !, 
  • Because of this, we need your help to make these miniatures reality. If you help in this proyect, you will get the best price you can dream, FREE character sheets for your favourite games,  exclusive items and FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. 












                   * Gw miniatures are shown only for size comparison purpose












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2 hours ago, kodiakbear said:

Dwarves and men wearing armor and woman dressing in outfits that could be from Victoria's Secret.    :blink:





What's wro... Nevermind... ::D:. The lady with the falcon looks somewhat armored... I actually like a couple here, but the divisions for the sets are kind of weird... I don't know why the dwarves are with the three girls and the knights are with three girls. I think a "warrior guy" set and a "warrior girl" set would make more sense... Seems a bit expensive as well. I would look for some of these at retail but are they all kickstarter exclusive?

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Yeah, the sets are a bit awkward. 


I'm not certain what is KS Exclusive, really. 


Also, they're trying to limit the number of each mini cast for this KS to 80, but they also allows add-ons. 


I'm in for the Jasmin pledge + Bethany...  

I'd liked to get a few more of the femmes, but if they come with those dwarves... no... 


Also, Ruby's pose is... weird... 


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