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3 Reaper Mini's Thread

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Hi everyone so I'm currently working on painting the 3 reaper mini's painted below.

From left to right; Nonalla, Thor, and Telemnar. I'm mostly working on Thor pictured in the center first.

Also for picture taking...Are the pics with flash better than the no flash pics? I've attached both for reference.

No flash first, then the flash pics are second.



So for Thor the barbarian its hard to tell, but I tried to dry brush his hair a lighter brown.

I've just watched some of Ghool's painting videos on Youtube.

Am I a lot better off if I try to actually paint on the highlights, or can dry brushing it on be sufficient?

Also I'm having some trouble with his fur, I tried dry brushing a light brown/white over it, but is doesn't really look

very good, what can I do to fix it? Or do I just need to go with an even lighter color?

Thanks in advance!

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Exactly how to do highlights or shading depends a lot of the texture of the material and also what kind of effect you are going for.  


Dry brushing should be good for the fur.  I'd try something lighter for sure.


For smoother areas, where it looks like you used a wash, you might want to repaint the "highlights" just using the original color.    If you want a dirtier effect, then maybe a bit of dry brushing would be good.

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You're off to a great start! I love Thor's cloak especially, it looks like it's been through a fair amount of adventuring already. :) Also, nice work on the eyes on all three!


To really pick out the highlights on the fur, definitely go with a lighter color (though not pure white). Also, for drybrushing, make sure you scrub off a LOT of the paint. Like, to the point that there's almost no color coming off of the brush anymore, then try to just catch the tips of the fur. If you're not seeing any color change, then that means you scrubbed off just a little too much. It can take awhile to get the feel of it, but don't give up! It's like magic when it works right. :)


Thor's hair looks good, I think you could stop there if you're happy with it, but another very light round of highlights in just a few spots would look nice.


Just a note: If this WIP thread will only be for these 3 figures, could you please edit your thread title to reflect that? An ongoing thread for all of one's WIP figures results in a very long thread that becomes difficult to read through. Thank you!



--OneBoot :D

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Hi So, I think I'm finally done with the barbarian, I'll try to get a couple better pictures of him in the next day or two.


The Elven warrior, is mostly turning out well. I has a lot of trouble trying to dry brush the edges where the reliefs are, so I ended up painting it all silver.

(I had also trying to dark wash the indentations, but it never turned out well.)

I didn't really like his shield design...but when I painted over it I could still see the old paint underneath, due to the thickness difference.

So I ended up using a toothpick and scraping it all off..I'm going to re-prime that section of the shield and try again.

I really like the wooden board design on the inside of the shield...I'm kind of wondering If I should try to paint the outside to look similar now.

Then I could paint a coat of arms or something over the board design.


For the sorceress, I decided to give up on the khaki pants, they are charcoal color now. I still haven't gotten good at painting light color clothing.

This will be the first mini, I try to do a bit of object source lighting for. I had highlighted the hair already but the black wash must have been to thick,

as it's now almost all black again.

I think I'm ready to start lighting the red for the 2nd coat, and doing the same for the purple.






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