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Very cool!  We have students that have been going to the Netherlands for several years now, doing fire research along the coastal dunes.  As a result, I get to go through their photos and pick what we will use for various publications or videos.  Pretty neat stuff there, but I have a hard time knowing where they are when they took the photos.  Someday, I need to visit... someday when I am suddenly wealthy...

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43 minutes ago, Xherman1964 said:

My girl and me like to hike, stroll, walk...


We often follow trails that lead through rural areas, nature, forest or historical sites.

I would like to share a few pics, so I can show you what the Netherlands look like aside from the big cities and harbour.

Yes...we do have tulips and windmills...but not everywhere.


I hope you guys and girls and creatures like it.

These were made today, due to Liberation Day I had the day off ( not everyone has a free day but the Military does).


An Anthill, A Windmill and Tulips, some nice mushrooms attached to a tree and a statue of BACON.




Molen en tulpen.jpg





Great Googli Moogli, is that chicken of the woods!?  I've never seen one that big!

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Zon over water.JPG



Some random pics from different trips.



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Lovely country. I have visited a few times. Except for the windmill and seagull, those photos could have been taken here.  

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OMG that Highlander Bull is so cute! With his pink little nose just sticking out from his big bushy coat. Dangerous, but cute none the less.


I am glad I have had a chance to visit at least once. We would love to go back again, but we don't know when we will. My husband's mother's side is from North Holland, and he grew up in a Dutch community in Chicago. So I have a feeling we will be back again. :lol:

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Great photos! I've been to the south part of The Netherlands a couple times to go biking and once to go sailing on one of the big lakes. We stopped in a village on the way back from sailing because we saw they were having a festival. It's such a beautiful part of the world. 

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Cool photos.  Especially the mushrooms (what, fungus is awesome) and the ruins.  You don't have many ruins the US of my great age.  MakeS me want to go hiking with camera (shakes fist at crummy weather.  Make up your mind mother nature winter, spring, or summer, pick one and get on with it)


I've only been to Amsterdam and Rotterdam and mostly the insides of conference rooms or chemical plants.  I did get to do some touristy stuff in Amsterdam though...

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