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2 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

I didn't know Rockabilly counted as hard rock :ik_oops:


It doesn't , I just happen to like it.


My main love is Heavy Metal in all it's forms and Hard Rock, followed by Rock and Roll / Rockabilly etc.

Peter Pan Speedrock plays Psychobilly a mix of Rockabilly and Thrash Metal..

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We went on a small vacation to MONSCHAU, GERMANY.

Not the Netherlands but I will include it here anyway.

Only an hour and a half from our home.


We had great weather, good food ( Schnitzels, Wild Boar in red wine, fresh Apfelstrudel, Erbseneintopf, Goulashsuppe) Souvenirs ( Boar and Deer Salami, Honey Mustard, Tomato Mustard) and we walked a lot in the area.

Hiked through the forests were we encountered deer and birds and all kinds of insects and flowers.

The deer were too fast to take pics from, but they looked delicious great!


Some impressions.











And more from Monschau, Germany and environment.


A local dessert: Moschauer Dützen ( Biscuit horns with icecream, whipped cream and fruits)



Apfelstrudel baked with fresh appels and icecream on the side.




My Girl had steak and I had Jägerschnitzel ( you get two)






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More Hiking pics and pics from me and my girl at a safe angle.










More from Monschau Germany.

We will certainly return there one day, there is a lot more to see.










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24 minutes ago, malefactus said:

LOVE the Fish Sculpts hanging under the bridge AND THE FOOD!


There was some metal artwork through the old city, these fish caught my attention.

The food was awesome...

*** Drools***

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On 5/6/2017 at 1:24 PM, Glitterwolf said:








*looks at the photos*




*looks at Glitterwolfs avatar*




Okay. NOW I get it.



Great hiking photos by the way.

Sorry I missed them originally.


Those buildings and villages are amazing. Some of the wooded areas remind me a lot of ours here.


Thanks for sharing.

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All sorts of lovely shots in here! .... Definitely has me wishing I could readily take a few friends up on their offer to do.... *inserts ominous music* ..... The touristy thing....  Whatever may be implied by that (probably the same as out here, where we "drag" people to West Edmonton Mall, the Muttart, down to Drumheller to see dinosaur bones, etc.  Drag is in quotes because it's hard to coerce someone that's all "omg that sounds awesome!" and locals are all "eh, it's just a mall.  Eh, it's just the Mindbender, supposedly the largest, tallest, and longest indoor roller coaster.  Eh, it's just a pirate ship replica they charge $5 to go onto" and whatnot :p  (it's actually a neat mall, with lots of awesome shops, but living in the same city as it you tend to be all "eh, it's 'the' mall, or 'the tourist trap with a nice frozen yogurt place' and whatnot) 



... Mindbender sure is fun to test out how fast your camera's autofocus works though! (hint: the G85 (G80 in most of Europe, G81 in Germany) can't handle the tight loop without manual focus, it can't lock fast enough)...  Oh, and man, the roar the cars make on that first drop.  That's an AWESOME sound. 

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7 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

This just in: reports have confirmed that W.O.O.F. has indeed invaded Germany, acting with malevolence as they unleashed a mass Glitterpocalypse throughout the country. More after these messages.


While in Germany WOOF has discovered one of R.I.B.B.I.T.s European Training facilities!


@Froggy the Great WOOF is on to you!







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2 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

I need a hi-res of that sign emblem.


Sent you a PM containing the original pic, hopefully it is large enough for you.



Today we went to the Langeboomse Bossen. ( Longtree Forest if translated litterally) in Noord-Brabant close to the base where I work.

It was kinda cloudy and it rained a little every now and then, but we still had a nice little walk of 6 KM.
















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      Have you ever thought to yourself, 
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      As you know we went to Corfu ( Greek Island) for our vacation.
      Let me bore you people with a few pics.
      First of all, the efforts of MEOW and R.I.B.B.I.T. agents to stealthily follow us were in vain.
      We saw you! @OneBootand @Froggy the Great

      Greek Cities/ Architecture/Art and Historical sites, hope you enjoy it. The guy in the black hat you see from behind is the evil Glitterwolf himself!
      For security reasons only pics from the back.

      If you ever been to Greece and heard that chirping noise all the time?
      This is one of those critters,

      Red Dragonfly

      And of course the main event, THE thing why I go to Greece, Lamb Kebab..my girl had Seabass..
      Below that Mezes, a mix of several smaller treats..

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      When In Germany we heard this sound in the forest, it was answered by others,
      Some kind of bird but we can't identify it.
      Somebody knows what this is?
      Spraak 005_sdvogel.m4a
      EDIT: I tried to convert this to a MP3 but I can't.
      This file can be opened by clicking on it and opening it with mediaplayer.
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      I painted them as several different types of wolf, one with a snow base and two with grassy bases, for multiple uses. Their bases are 1.5".





      Extensive WIP with lots of color mixing and technique notes here.
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