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77165: Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Rogue

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Here is the second of my Pathfinder Sarenite paladin, Zekir's followers. This is a wise and brave street urchin named Parilli, represented by 77165: Hellakin Goregutter, Halfling Rogue by Werner Klocke.


I've also made his cloak a little more tatterd and removed his blade, and drilled a hole through his hand to add a different weapon later, based him with green stuff and sand.


I'll try to keep up a work-in-progress thread as I go along.






I've used green stuff to smooth out a couple rough spots, and even though I only mixed up a tiny bit, I still had some left over for a couple of patches.




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Another 40 minutes' or so of progress. I've just about finished the basecoat. I still need to paint his hair (which I've put off while deciding what direction to go) and his base (which I probably should have done first.)


I lightened his cloak and darkened the patches, which I want to be very close to the hue of the cloak, but a lighter value, as if they have gone through the same wear as the rest of the cloak. I haven't decided if that's what I want to do, or to use them to match his color scheme to Zekir's.






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15 hours ago, InvisibleThumb said:

What will the weapon end up being?

Well, he's only a 1st-level commoner, but he's got a case of hero-worship. Right now, he has a reed camel stick/'practice sword', we're treating as a club. He calls it 'Kefaret', which is also the name of Zekir's scimitar.


I've picked up small collection of actual twigs small enough to fit in his hand, but strong and flexible enough to withstand a little tabletop abuse. Once he's painted up and sealed, I'll stick one of them in there to stay.


Thanks for the kind words, encouragement, and feedback everyone!





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They sure do make these thing small.


Eyes and faces, sigh. I'm so inconsistent with eyes and faces. Sometimes (rarely) I just nail it. Usually it's a struggle, and the mini up looking like I tried to paint its face from across the room.


I decided to go the direction I really wanted to, and paint his hair white. He is Garundi, a human ethnicity from Golarion with dark skin and prematurely bright white hair. The basecoat is the same as his clothes, but I'll treat them slightly different as I go.


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This is the stage where I say, "Prepainted minis will be just fine."


He's a bit of a mess. I just discovered this method with my last mini, 77217: Mi-Sher. After base coating and black/darklining, I'll soften the edges and accentuate the folds and shadows with inks. It's a little sloppy, but I will go back with some of the original colors and some highlights to clean up the inks and start heading toward the finish.


I also put a wash on his hair to get some darker color in the recesses, and did some rather heavy-handed drybrushing on his base.


I also realized that I have been posting relatively enormous images. These are under the limit.





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Stripes are fun!


Added eyebrows and stripes to his pants. There is a lighter orange stripe in the center of each red stripe, but they aren't really showing up—I'll pick up some yellow to brighten the orange and go back over them.


Also highlighted his skin and hair, and laid a dark brown base coat on the scabbard. I'll clean that up, and it'll be metallic copper-and-gold. Then it'll just be a matter of cleaning up and highlighting his sash, highlighting the whites of his clothes, and adding pupils to his eyes.


I'm sure I'll find more to do before I call him finished.






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He's almost finished. I added an orange stripe to center of each of the red stripes of his pants, and pupils to his eyes, cleaned up few sloppy spots (while leaving plenty of others,) and added a dark line at the hem of his cloak and around his feet. I'll have to clean that up, as well as finish his sash and scabbard, add his club, and that might be it.





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I’m calling him finished. A couple coats of gloss seal, coat of matte, and you can find wise and brave Parilli in the Show Off section.


There are as many bits that I am happy with and proud of as there with which I am less so. I had fun with the WIP, and I’ll try to do more.


I’d welcome any kind, honest feedback and constructive criticism of both the mini and the WIP that anyone is willing to offer, and let me know if I can answer any questions.


Thanks to those of you who have already commented and clicked ‘like’.








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Looks great!  I love the stick and true patches turned out wonderful.  


Hmm criticism...  Maybe I'd be tempted to highlight the skin on the feet and hands just a bit more.  But it really looks good as is. (I'd also be tempted to throw something else on the base - but that's another rabbit hole)

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